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Family Guy work group[edit]
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This work group of WikiProject Animation hopes to improve articles related to Family Guy. The ultimate goal of this project is to bring every Family Guy-related article to featured article status. If you would like to help, please sign up and inquire on the Talk page, or pick a task from the Task list. The scope of this project is to bring all Family Guy and related articles into line with established policies and guidelines and push them towards good article status.

For more information on WikiProjects, please see Wikipedia:WikiProjects and Wikipedia:WikiProject best practices.


Here are some tasks awaiting attention:
Things you can do[edit]

Here are some things you can do:



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Requests for comments

Sign up for the project here. After you've signed up, add this userbox to your user page with {{User WikiProject Family Guy}}.
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External watchlist[edit]

Reference desk[edit]

This is a new and experimental project that answers general questions about Family Guy mistakenly posted to article Talk pages, but not related to editing the articles.

Project members will monitor Category:Talk pages with Family Guy forum questions and move tagged question to Wikipedia:WikiProject Family Guy/Reference desk (shortcut WP:FGdesk), where they will be answered by a vast staff of Family Guy experts. Editors who would like to participate in this project are encouraged to sign up.

Article: Talk page:
Assessment process[edit]
Style guide[edit]


These are taken from some Family Guy artwork.

WikiProjectFamily Guy recommended colors
(values 00-FF)
(values 0-255)
sample usage
2669dd 38,105,221 foreground (colored text)
68eeff 104,238,255 background


WikiProject Family Guy in-house essays[edit]

Neither of these are official Wikipedia guidelines, but they are recommended for editors of Family Guy articles.

Official Wikipedia guidelines[edit]

The Family Guy Helpers[edit]

The Family Guy Helpers – membership in this club encourages participation in WikiProject Family Guy (thanks!), but the WikiProject is not formally related to the Helpers, and their activities fall outside our scope. Information and discussion relevant to the Family Guy Helpers but not to the WikiProject should occur on Helpers' pages, not here.

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