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Paroles2000 (talk · contribs) I have a strong interest in Canadian Francophone music and musicians.
Addionne (talk · contribs)
Allanaaaaaaa (talk · contribs)
Anger22 (talk · contribs)
Argolin (talk · contribs)
Backtable (talk · contribs) I am an American who has an interest in Canadian music, especially the metal music of that nation.
Bearcat (talk · contribs) strongest expertise is in folk and indie-rock, but will do style and categorization fixes on absolutely anything. Also an administrator, if first-stage dispute resolution, policy clarification or other admin intervention (i.e. technical snafus, complex page moves, etc.) is needed.
Boneyard90 (talk · contribs)
Braddjwinter (talk · contribs)
Canadian Girl Scout (talk · contribs) music festivals, electronic
Csbarrett (talk · contribs) folk, jazz (talk · contribs) music educator and promoter of Canadian contemporary Christian and gospel music.
Deconstructhis (talk · contribs) interested in researching past "under-known" Canadian bands and individual musicians; fact checking existing Canadian music articles.
DepressedPer (talk · contribs)
DFitzger (talk · contribs) I have a strong interest in Canadian music between the years 1750 and 1950. One of my latest projects can be found here which discusses the authorship of our national anthem: Based on this evidence we may have an issue warranting a national dialogue.
Djsasso (talk · contribs)
Dl2000 (talk · contribs) did some work on Juno Awards articles; will do various things as time permits
EddyH (talk · contribs) Principal interests are folk/traditional music (esp. Atlantic Canada and Quebec) and heavy metal. Latest edits/additions are to Jean Carignan article. Perhaps better as copy-editor or translator than writer.
Emmure_89 (talk · contribs)
Extra999 (talk · contribs) Ask me for categories
Fishhead2100 (talk · contribs) Knowledge on different genres. Will work on different genres and artists.
HoustonDakota177 (talk · contribs) Half-Canadian working mainly on indie and alternative music, possibly some metal or classical.
imcbride36 (talk · contribs) I'm a Canadian hip-hop fanatic and I'm also a freelance music journalist who specializes in hip-hop.
The Interior (talk · contribs) Have written one Canadian music article (Shapeshifting (album)) plan to do more.
Kvrbc (talk · contribs) music festivals
Lotheric (talk · contribs) hip hop
MageDesignQuebec (talk · contribs) Artist, composer and multi-instrumentist musician based in Quebec. Member of the SOCAN. Webmaster for many Canadian artists and bands. I have a great knowledge for everything about music, musicians, instruments and recording industry related topics.
Marchije (talk · contribs) I have a good knowledge of Canadian Alternative music, or Alternative music in general—I'm an avid listener of Alan Cross's audio series The Ongoing History of New Music. (If you've never heard his stuff check it out here.) I also have a good knowledge of rock and pop music of the 80s and 90s. Some of my recent recent articles about Canadian talent include Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker, Beast and regarding Beast/Champion vocalist Béatrice Bonifassi. By the way, I am also bilingual so if anyone has questions related to French I can be of some assistance.
Mc09wd (talk · contribs) Keen interest in the Canadian indie music scene, especially bands based in and around Southern Ontario.
Moxy (talk · contribs) Music of Canada, Canadian rock, Portal:Music of Canada
NBJosh (talk · contribs) Mostly rock, some rap/hip hop. I'll be busy with school, but I'll try to help when I can.
Paul Erik (talk · contribs)
Pomte (talk · contribs) minimal knowledge on rock and indie
Pustelnik (talk · contribs) mainly folk
Quadraxis (talk · contribs)
Rainer1 (talk · contribs) Metalhead focusing mainly on Metal Bands but also working on the Fefe Dobson page and planning to do Bif Naked's page next.
ScarTissueBloodBlister (talk · contribs)
Slacksdainty (talk · contribs) Focused on indie rock, especially Vancouver scene. Working on Kurt Dahle's page to expand it from a stub.
Smallison (talk · contribs)
Spartan26 (talk · contribs)
Strobilus (talk · contribs)
Twas Now (talk · contribs) Mainly indie and post-rock.
Timmeh (talk · contribs) I've worked with Canadian music articles in the past and will continue to do so in the future. If anyone's got a request for a GA or FA, don't hesitate to ask me on my talk page.
- tSR - Nth Man (talk · contribs) - Rock, country-rock, roots, R&B,
Yonyue (talk · contribs) Singer/Songwriter/Musician, member of SOCAN and CARAS, Pop.
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