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WikiProject Mozilla (Rated Project-class)
WikiProject icon This page is within the scope of WikiProject Mozilla, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Mozilla and its products on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.
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I suggest WP:MOZILLA , WP:GECKO as shortcuts to this WPP. P:MOZILLA , P:GECKO as shortcuts to the portal. (They would all need to be tagged with {{R from shortcut}} ) ; the obvious one WP:MOZ is already used by WP:MOZAMBIQUE. -- (talk) 11:42, 7 August 2012 (UTC)

+1 Jesus Presley (talk) 11:04, 8 August 2012 (UTC)
+1 from as well --₫ӓ₩₳ Talk to Me. Email Me. 13:38, 8 August 2012 (UTC)
+1, and done ҭᴙᴇᴡӌӌ 19:12, 13 August 2012 (UTC)

Why have the GECKO ones? Gecko is an internal name for Mozilla's rendering engine, used in some Mozilla software, but it's not a name used in marketing (Netscape owns the trademark; Mozilla has a limited licence) and it's not the name of this WikiProject. I'd say remove that one. WP:MOZILLA, of course, makes good sense :-) -- Gerv 12:27, 21 August 2012 (UTC) — Preceding unsigned comment added by Gerv (talkcontribs)

You're right, Gerv. I've removed the WP:GECKO redirect. ҭᴙᴇᴡӌӌ 02:40, 25 August 2012 (UTC)

User:Stephenwanjau/Wikiproject Firefox[edit]

Should the usertemplate User:Stephenwanjau/Wikiproject Firefox be moved into projectspace? Say WP:WikiProject Mozilla/User template or something? -- (talk) 07:51, 15 August 2012 (UTC)

Quoting Wikipedia:UBX#Which namespace?: "Wikipedia: Userboxes in the project namespace are generally for WikiProject or task force usage. Simply create it as a subpage of the WikiProject. (e.g. Wikipedia:VG/DAH!/userbox)" - and since this userbox is uncontroversial, I think it should be moved. mabdul 11:09, 15 August 2012 (UTC)
Trying to create WP:MOZILLA/WP/userbox, but unable to. I read over all the documentation, but I'm unable to create the page. Anyone have some advice? Thanks. ҭᴙᴇᴡӌӌ 17:43, 16 August 2012 (UTC)
Done. Moved User:Stephenwanjau/Wikiproject Firefox to Wikipedia:WikiProject Mozilla/Userbox (and corresponding talk pages), with WP:MOZILLA/UBX as a redirect. Gordon P. Hemsley 23:55, 21 August 2012 (UTC)

Cite4Wiki needs new developer(s) - it broke with the release of Firefox 17![edit]

FYI: Just a notice where it may find a qualified party; no action is required by the project on articles.

Cite4Wiki is on e-death's door. I am the fourth developer, in series, of this tool. I need to hand over the reins to (or at least recruit the aid of) someone capable of re-developing this Wikipedia source citation add-on for Firefox, so that it is compatible with modern versions of the browser. In its current form, it dates to Firefox 4 (but was really re-developed from a Firefox 2 plug-in, and it shows). While it had an unusually long run without changes, as of Firefox 17 it no longer works. A large number of editors have depended on it, on a daily basis, for several years. I simply do not have the real-world cycles to absorb the new Firefox add-on APIs; not now, and not in the foreseeable future. The tool is simply dead without some hopefully quick aid. Please help if you have the skills! — SMcCandlish   Talk⇒ ɖ∘¿¤þ   Contrib. 04:15, 24 December 2012 (UTC)

Mozilla Portal[edit]

Portal:Mozilla has been nominated for deletion -- (talk) 08:19, 22 May 2013 (UTC)


How come the article on Firefox is just named Firefox, but the article on Thunderbird is named Mozilla Thunderbird? (Why not "Thunderbird (email client" or similar?) George8211what did I break now? 17:51, 24 November 2013 (UTC)

Comment on the WikiProject X proposal[edit]

Hello there! As you may already know, most WikiProjects here on Wikipedia struggle to stay active after they've been founded. I believe there is a lot of potential for WikiProjects to facilitate collaboration across subject areas, so I have submitted a grant proposal with the Wikimedia Foundation for the "WikiProject X" project. WikiProject X will study what makes WikiProjects succeed in retaining editors and then design a prototype WikiProject system that will recruit contributors to WikiProjects and help them run effectively. Please review the proposal here and leave feedback. If you have any questions, you can ask on the proposal page or leave a message on my talk page. Thank you for your time! (Also, sorry about the posting mistake earlier. If someone already moved my message to the talk page, feel free to remove this posting.) Harej (talk) 22:47, 1 October 2014 (UTC)

WikiProject X is live![edit]

WikiProject X icon.svg

Hello everyone!

You may have received a message from me earlier asking you to comment on my WikiProject X proposal. The good news is that WikiProject X is now live! In our first phase, we are focusing on research. At this time, we are looking for people to share their experiences with WikiProjects: good, bad, or neutral. We are also looking for WikiProjects that may be interested in trying out new tools and layouts that will make participating easier and projects easier to maintain. If you or your WikiProject are interested, check us out! Note that this is an opt-in program; no WikiProject will be required to change anything against its wishes. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

Note: To receive additional notifications about WikiProject X on this talk page, please add this page to Wikipedia:WikiProject X/Newsletter. Otherwise, this will be the last notification sent about WikiProject X.

Harej (talk) 16:57, 14 January 2015 (UTC)

SpiderMonkey (software) listed at Requested moves[edit]


A requested move discussion has been initiated for SpiderMonkey (software) to be moved to SpiderMonkey. This page is of interest to this WikiProject and interested members may want to participate in the discussion here. —RMCD bot 05:44, 22 February 2016 (UTC)

To opt out of RM notifications on this page, transclude {{bots|deny=RMCD bot}}, or set up Article alerts for this WikiProject.

Non-Mozilla Products[edit]

Looking through the category pages, do we want to include non-Mozilla products based on Mozilla software such as GNU IceCat and Flock (web browser)? I don't think we do. Jerod Lycett (talk) 17:54, 19 September 2016 (UTC)

Mozilla Public License[edit]

I am doing a GA Review of this article at Talk:Mozilla Public License/GA1. The nominator has not edited Wikipedia since October 2016. Would welcome some editing assistance so I can complete my Review. Thanks, Shearonink (talk) 06:25, 5 February 2017 (UTC)