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Wilson Siding, also known as Wilson,[1] is a locality in southern Alberta, Canada within the Lethbridge County.[2] It is located at the intersection of Highway 4 and Highway 845, approximately 13 km (8.1 mi) southeast of Lethbridge. Wilson Siding gets its name from E.H. Wilson of the Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company (ARIC) when a train stop was added in 1908 after Canadian Pacific Railway bought out ARIC.[1] It was used a watering stop for steam-powered trains.[1]

Grain terminals[edit]

Wilson Siding is known as one of the largest shipping points in southern Alberta with two concrete grain terminals. One is owned by Parrish and Heimbecker[3] and the other, Lethbridge Inland Terminal, was built and is run by farmers. [4]

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