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Workaway logo.png
Web address
Slogan A few hours honest help per day in return for cultural exchange, food and accommodation
Type of site
Hospitality exchange
Registration Optional, site can be browsed without registering but is required to sign-up as a host or as a volunteer.
Available in English, Spanish, French, German
Owner David Milward
Launched 17 April 2002; 13 years ago (2002-04-17)
Current status Online

Workaway is an international organisation that enable travellers willing to work as volunteers to contact hosts (who can be individuals, families or groups) wanting help with their projects or activities. Volunteers or 'Workawayers', are expected to contribute a pre-agreed amount of time per day in exchange for lodging and food provided by their host.[1][2]


Hosts register at and are expected to provide information about themselves, the type of volunteering they require to be performed, the accommodation they offer and the sort of person they are expecting.[3] Volunteers create an online profile including personal details and any specific skills they might have, after which they can contact hosts through the website and discuss a possible exchange.[4]

Workaway is aimed at budget travellers and language learners looking to become more immersed in the country and culture they are journeying through while allowing local hosts to meet like-minded people who can provide the help they require.[5][6] It has been described as a useful way to improve foreign language skills [7] as well as an opportunity to develop new talents and learn about local traditions. [8]

The opportunities on offer are varied and based in a wide range of countries around the world. Some types of volunteering on offer include gardening, animal-care, cooking and farming.[9][10]

The exact terms of any exchange are agreed between the host and volunteer, Workaway only acts as a conduit between them, but does charge the 'Workawayer' a yearly fee. There are minimal guidelines for hosts although a guidebook for hosts and volunteers is available. The duration of an exchange can range from as little as a few days to over a year.


The idea for Workaway came about through founder David Milward's travelling experiences. After extending his stay in Hawaii in the early 90s by working in the hostel he was staying at, he realised many travellers wanted to be more than just tourists. On returning home he started offering a room in his own house in exchange for help on the land and the concept began.[11]


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