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Available in41 languages
Area servedGlobal
ServicesHospitality service
Social networking service
Alexa rank507,989 (As of 5 May 2019)[1]
Users119,000, of which approximately 200 login per day and 8% have logged in within the last 12 months[2]
LaunchedFebruary 2007; 12 years ago (2007-02)

BeWelcome operates a hospitality service and social networking service. The platform is a gift economy; hosts are not allowed to charge for lodging.

BeWelcome is operated by BeVolunteer, a nonprofit organization organized as a voluntary association registered in Rennes, France, which is composed solely of volunteers. The software behind the website, the BW-rox platform, is free and open-source software.[3]


The idea for the website came in 2005 after members of Hospitality Club, another hospitality service, had a disagreement with its founder.[4]

The website was launched in February 2007.[5][6]

After CouchSurfing, another hospitality service, became a for-profit corporation in 2011, some members urged others to join BeWelcome.[7].

In May 2019, a redesigned website was launched.[8]


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