1924 Wyoming gubernatorial special election

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Wyoming gubernatorial special election, 1924

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  Nellie Tayloe Ross.jpg
Nominee Nellie Tayloe Ross E. J. Sullivan
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 43,323 35,275
Percentage 55.12% 44.88%

Governor before election

Frank Lucas

Elected Governor

Nellie Tayloe Ross

The Wyoming gubernatorial special election of 1924 took place on November 3, 1924. The former Democratic Governor William B. Ross had died in October and Frank Lucas, the Republican Secretary of State of Wyoming who rose to the position through the line of succession chose to not run. Ross` wife Nellie Tayloe Ross defeated the Republican E. J. Sullivan with 55.12% of the vote and became the first female governor in the United States.


Wyoming gubernatorial special election, 1924[1]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Nellie Tayloe Ross 43,323 55.12%
Republican E. J. Sullivan 35,275 44.88%
Total votes 78,598 100%


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