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X is the 24th letter of the Latin alphabet.

X may also refer to:

Art, entertainment, and media[edit]

Fictional entities[edit]



  • Kamen Rider X, a Japanese series in the Kamen Rider franchise
  • Ultraman X, a 2015 Japanese tokusatsu television series
  • The X (TV series), a Canadian children's program
  • The X's, an American animated series
  • WXSP-CD, a Grand Rapids, Michigan TV station branded as "The X"
  • X (TV series), a Japanese anime series based on the X manga by CLAMP
  • X, the production code for the 1966 Doctor Who serial The Ark

Video games[edit]








  • KHTI, formerly KCXX, known as "The 'X' at 103.9 FM", a Southern California rock n' roll radio station
  • KWEE, formerly known as "The 'X' at 100.1 FM", a rock n' roll radio station in Reno, Nevada
  • WNFZ, also known as "94.3 the X", a modern rock radio station in Knoxville, Tennessee
  • WQXA, also known as 105.7 "The 'X'", a modern rock radio station in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • WXDX-FM, also known as "The 'X' at 105.9", a modern rock radio station in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • WXLV (FM), former call sign branded as "90.3 "The X"", a college radio station in Allentown, Pennsylvania
  • WXLP - The X
  • WXNY-FM, known as "La X 96.3", a Spanish radio station in New York City
  • WZDA, formerly known as "103.9 The 'X'", a modern rock radio station in Dayton, Ohio

Roller coasters[edit]

Businesses and organizations[edit]



Other organizations[edit]

  • X (demo party), a Dutch demoscene party which started in 1995
  • Organization X, a resistance organization active during the Axis occupation of Greece and the Greek Civil War



In arts and entertainment[edit]

  • Director X (born 1975), Canadian music video director, also known as X and Little X
  • Princess X (musician) , former stage name of musician Liza Fox (active 2010–present)
  • XXXTentacion (1998–2018), American rapper commonly referred to as "X"
  • DMX (rapper) (1970–2021), American rapper commonly referred to as "X"
  • Shaun Ryder (born 1962), English musician also known as X
  • Terminator X (born 1966), stage name for American DJ Norman Roberts, who worked with Public Enemy
  • X, ring name of wrestler Carl Ouellet (born 1967)

Other people[edit]

  • Clyde X (1931–2009), Nation of Islam official
  • Khoisan X (1955–2010), political activist
  • Laura X (born 1940), feminist historian
  • Malcolm X (1925–1965), civil rights activist
  • Michael X (1933–1975), activist and criminal
  • Xiuhtezcatl Martinez (born 2000), climate activist, often known as "X"
  • X, the girl in the X Case, a landmark court case about abortion in Ireland
  • X, pseudonymous author of the 1947 Foreign Affairs "X Article", formally titled "The Sources of Soviet Conduct"
  • X, surname often assumed by members of the Nation of Islam

Science, technology, and mathematics[edit]



  • × (or x), used in some types of hybrid names in botany
  • X chromosome, a sex determinant in many animal species, including mammals



  • OS X (pronounced 'OS ten'), the former name of the macOS operating system for Apple computers
  • X Window System, a client-server display protocol often used in UNIX environments
  • X file format, used by DirectX



  • X (charge), a conserved quantum number in particle physics
  • X band, part of the microwave band of the electromagnetic spectrum
  • X unit (X), in physics

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