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The music competition at X2010

X is a Dutch demoscene party which started in 1995 in Utrecht, The Netherlands, organized by Success & The Ruling Company, Xenon and Silicon Ltd.

X is the successor of the Silicon Ltd. Winter and Summer parties, which were held between 1990 and 1992. With about 250 visitors, it is the world's biggest Commodore 64 demoscene-party, attracting demosceners from not only The Netherlands, but also from other European countries (e.g. Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany), or even from overseas (for example, Australia, United States).


The X parties evolved from the successful Silicon Ltd parties in 1990/91. After three editions several organizing members went their own way. Some left the scene and others, after a bus trip to the party 93, formed a PC demo group under the name SuccesS PC. This was some ride as at the same time SCS and TRC joined forces and formed their co-operation. More about this can be read in Recollection Issue #2 in the “Truth about Lemmings” chapter.

Together SCS*TRC, SuccesS PC and Focus decided to host a combined party for the C64 and the evolving PC scene. X’95 was an instant success which was repeated in 1996 at the same community center in Utrecht where the former Silicon parties were hosted. In 1997 the X organizers combined their efforts with another PC group and decided to expand to the venue of the Eindhoven University of Technology. With access to a large party hall, an auditorium, incredible audio/video equipment and unlimited internet access they organized one of the first big LAN parties in The Netherlands.

Although its overall success it proved to be a mistake to combine the two scenes in one big party. Many C64 groups missed the cozy atmosphere of the previous editions and quarrels with the other PC group soon marked the end of SuccesS PC. However SCS*TRC remained and Burglar, CBA, Moren and Nightshade decided to go back to the root of their passion: drinking beer and having fun with their C64 scene friends. X’98 was born and Xenon became part of the X crew.

After picking a new location at a farm in Ruurlo, the all-inclusive concept was invented that formed the basis for all X parties that followed. X’98 exceeded all expectations, with almost 100 people showing up and Booze Design winning the demo competition with their Soul demo.

Two more parties followed in the next few years and though the events were great fun, most main organizers started to lose interest. Luckily Xenon kept the fire burning and teamed up with Spectator, Oxbow, WVL and CBA to give X another go in 2004. X’2004 turned out to be another turning point in the history of X, not only was the party heaps of fun and bigger than ever, but C64 scene activity was on the rise again too and that re-sparked the interest of inactive organizers as well.

The SucceS PC members rejoined the organization under their former group name Silicon Ltd, after which the party evolved, became more refined and professional while staying non-profit.

Eventually the X party outgrew the location in Ruurlo, and, after receiving severe complaints about noise disturbance, they decided to move to a new location in Someren which has more space, an audio basement, a professional kitchen and plenty of beds, but it still has the nice and cozy atmosphere X is known for.


  1. X 1995 — A fistfun experience to be seen to be believed! (April 21, 1995 – April 22, 1995)
  2. X 1996 — (April 5, 1996 – April 7, 1996)
  3. X 1997 — Takeover (April 4, 1997 – April 6, 1997)
  4. X 1998 — (September 18, 1998 – September 20, 1998)
  5. X 2000 — The Reunion (November 17, 2000 – November 19, 2000)
  6. X 2001 — A C64 Odyssey (November 23, 2001 – November 25, 2001)
  7. X 2004 — 8 Bit Heaven (October 22, 2004 – October 24, 2004)
  8. X 2006 — Got Cow ? (October 13, 2006 – October 15, 2006)
  9. X 2008 — Mooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh (October 24, 2008 – October 26, 2008)
  10. X 2010 — The Year We Make Contact (October 1, 2010 – October 3, 2010)
  11. X 2012 — (October 26, 2012 – October 28, 2012)
  12. X 2014 — (October 24, 2014 – October 26, 2014)
  13. X 2016 — (October 28, 2016 – October 30, 2016)
  14. X 2018 — (November 2, 2018 – November 4, 2018)
  15. X 2021 — (December 3, 2021 – December 5, 2021)

Live performances[edit]

  1. X 1995 — Toadstool
  2. X 1996 — Toadstool
  3. X 1997 — Toadstool
  4. X 2004 — Goto80
  5. X 2006 — Jeroen Tel & a striptease act
  6. X 2008 — Reyn Ouwehand & Jeroen Tel
  7. X 2010 — 6581 Band, Jeroen Tel, DaTucker
  8. X 2012 — Reyn Ouwehand & Jeroen Tel
  9. X 2014 — Reyn Ouwehand & Bas Bron
  10. X 2016 — Reyn Ouwehand & LFT & 64Mula & Jeroen Tel & Wacek
  11. X 2018 — Reyn Ouwehand & Goto80 & Wacek & Magnar

Competition winners[edit]

X demo/intro compo winners, 1995-2018
Year Platform Demo 64k intro 4k intro
C64 Radio Napalm (Reflex) N/A N/A
PC Big Deal (Acme) Spring (Logic Design) N/A
C64 Krestology (Crest) N/A N/A
PC Fashion (Logic Design) Speed (Nostalgia) N/A
C64 Holy Refuge (NoName) N/A N/A
PC 303 (Acme) Brighten The Corners (Valhalla) The Dream (Spirit New Style)
C64 Soul (Booze Design) N/A N/A
C64 Arcanum (Xenon) N/A N/A
C64 Soiled Legacy (Resource) N/A N/A
C64 Dialogue (Focus) N/A N/A
C64 The Wild Bunch (Triad, Horizon, Focus & Instinct) N/A N/A
C64 Edge of Disgrace (Booze Design) N/A N/A
C64 Another Beginning (Offence) N/A N/A
C64 Coma Light 13 (Oxyron) N/A N/A
C64 Comaland (Censor & Oxyron) N/A N/A
C64 The Phoenix Code (Bonzai) N/A N/A
C64 The Star Wars Demo (Censor Design) N/A Screw it! (Triad)

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