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Yabasic running an implementation of SameGame.
Yabasic running an implementation of SameGame.
Developer(s)Marc-Oliver Ihm
Stable release
2.82.1 / 11 March 2019; 8 months ago (2019-03-11)
Operating systemWindows, Unix
LicenseMIT License

Yabasic (Yet Another BASIC) is a free and open-source BASIC interpreter for Windows and Unix platforms.[1] Yabasic was originally developed by Marc-Oliver Ihm, who released the last stable version 2.77.3 in 2016. From version 2.77.1, the project has adopted the MIT Licence as well as the source code being moved to GitHub to encourage others to participate in its development.[citation needed]


Other versions[edit]


A port of Yabasic to the Fltk toolkit called "Flyab" was under development. It would have been source-compatible with programs written in yab, a variant of Yabasic that enables graphical programs to be written using the BeOS API. Ports for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux were planned. Flyab added the ability to Yabasic to create native graphical user interfaces on all supported platforms.[citation needed] As of November 2008, the project appears to be halted.

PlayStation 2[edit]

Sony also packaged a version of Yabasic for the PlayStation 2 on the demo disc[2] shipped with PS2 consoles in PAL territories so it could be considered a home computer, not just a games machine, thus bypassing European import taxes.[3]

Yabasic 3.0 (Unofficial)[edit]

As a continuation of the project prior to new changes by the original author, version 3 was being developed by a team centered on Pedro Sá and Thomas Larsen, but development has halted and the project now appears to be abandoned.[citation needed]


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