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Map showing the location of Yaroun within Lebanon
Map showing the location of Yaroun within Lebanon
Location within Lebanon
Coordinates: 33°05′N 35°25′E / 33.083°N 35.417°E / 33.083; 35.417Coordinates: 33°05′N 35°25′E / 33.083°N 35.417°E / 33.083; 35.417
Country  Lebanon
Governorate Nabatieh Governorate
District Bint Jbeil District
Highest elevation 800 m (2,600 ft)
Lowest elevation 750 m (2,460 ft)
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Dialing code +961

Yaroun (also spelled Yarun and in Arabic يارون) is a Lebanese village located in the Caza of Bint Jbeil in the Nabatiye Governorate in Lebanon.


Yaroun occupies a hill with elevation ranging from 750 to 900 meters above sea level. The main agricultural products of Yaroun are olives, wheat, and tobacco.

Yaroun lies on the border with Israel. It overlooks Saliha and Kafr Bir'im in the Israeli part of the border.


Yaroun is divided between Shia Muslims and Catholic Christians

Social Life[edit]

While the majority of Yarounis visit Yaroun for the summer, approximately 60% to 70% of Yarouni natives reside outside of Lebanon, many wars happened in South Area of Lebanon and the Economic development is weak therefore Many Young Yarounis choose to relocate to the Capital City Beirut to Continue their Higher Educations because of the lack of universities in the South and after that they choose to Immigrate to the USA, Canada, Or Europe and some of them settle in the Gulf, and they visit their families back in Yaroun to keep ties with their relatives and bear in mind that immigrants have an Economic Impact on their families (Money Transfers or Allowances), and this will help their Families to pay their expenses and to let them stay in Yaroun.

Current Events[edit]

In July 2006, Yaroun, like many other villages that string Lebanon's southern border, such as Ain Ebel, Debel, Qaouzah, and Rmaich, were caught by the gunfire between the political organization and militia Hezbollah and the Israeli army.[1]


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