Ye Qun

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Ye Qun
Lin Biao family.jpg
Ye Qun (at right) with her family
Born 1917
Minhou County, Fujian, Republic of China
Died September 13, 1971(1971-09-13) (aged 54)
Öndörkhaan, Mongolia
Political party Communist Party of China
Spouse(s) Lin Biao
Children Lin Liheng, Lin Liguo

Ye Qun (Chinese: 叶群; pinyin: Yè Qún; 1917-1971) was the wife of Lin Biao, the Vice-Chairman of China who controlled China's military power. She was mostly known for taking care of politics for her husband. Ye was a member of the 9th Politburo of the Communist Party of China. She died with Lin Biao and their son Lin Liguo in a plane crash over Mongolia on September 13, 1971. They also had a daughter, Lin Liheng (Doudou), who was not on the airplane.