Yonam Institute of Digital Technology

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Yonam Institute of Digital Technology
Hangul 연암공업대학
Hanja 蓮庵工業大學
Revised Romanization Yeonam Gongeop Daehak
McCune–Reischauer Yŏnam Kongŏp Taehak

Yonam Institute of Digital Technology, also Yonam Engineering College, is a private technical college located in Jinju, South Gyeongsang province, South Korea. It offers courses in computer electronics, hardware design, industrial information design, and related fields.


The Yonam Educational Foundation (affiliated with the LG Group) received governmental permission to found the school in 1981. The college opened its doors in 1984. In 1996, a four-quarter academic year was adopted. During the late 1990s, the college won numerous nationwide awards, in 1998 being recognized as the country's top technical college.[citation needed]

Sister colleges[edit]

Within South Korea, the Yonam Institute maintains sisterhood relationships with Cheonan Yonam College, which was also established by the Yonam Educational Foundation. Internationally, it has relations with seven schools in seven countries: Canberra Institute of Technology in Australia, Changchun Institute of Technology in China, the Fachhochschule Augsburg in Germany, Nippon Bunri University in Japan, Northumbria University in the United Kingdom, St. John's and St. Mary's Institute of Technology in Taiwan, and Laguardia Community College in the United States.

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