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Youth Public Chamber of Russia
Type public organization
Emblem «Youth Public Chamber

Youth Public Chamber of Russia (YPC) — (In Russian: Молодежная общественная палата) is the institute of civil society, uniting leaders of the youth wings of political parties, young leaders of big non-governmental organizations, young journalists, young businessmen, artists and sportsmen. YPC was founded in 2006.

Goals and projects[edit]

The initiators of the Youth Public Chamber creation are leaders of youth wings of political parties «United Russia», «Communist Party of the Russian Federation», «Liberal Democratic Party of Russia», «People's Party of the Russian Federation», Social Democratic Party of Russia, leaders of 30 non-governmental organizations, young politics Dmitriy Gudkov, Alexey Rogozin, Alexey Navalny, Maria Gaidar, journalist Sergey Evdokimov, political scientist Pavel Svyatenkov and others.[1][2] Under the Youth Public Chamber exists board of trustees, which includes members of the Government of Russia, leaders of political parties, members of Public Chamber of Russia and famous Russian politicians. It was announced, that by the means of this council the Youth Public Chamber advance its own bills, which influence government youth policy.[1]

The Youth Public Chamber implements national programs «The Youth City», «SMS for Life», implements projects in the field of public health services,[3] child protection,[4] and youth public policy,.[5][6]

Project concepts[edit]


Youth Council of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation was founded at the initiative of the Youth Public Chamber and Russian Union of Youth[7] and with support of the Russian Government in 2009. The Council is the advisory board at the organization. It chairs all participating countries in rotation. Among the first specific projects under discussion is the creation of the youth camp on the lake Issyk Kul in Kirgizia.[8]

SMS for Life[edit]

This program provides free sms-informing of young pregnant women about the pregnancy period. It is based on advices on healthy lifestyle for women in different periods of the pregnancy, legal advice for future mothers and advices on child care during the first months of life. Medical recommendations were prepared by highly skilled experts of D.O.Ott scientific research institute of obstetrics and gynecology. National program «SMS for life» was approved by the participants of the First International Congress of perinatal medicine, which was held in Moscow 16.06.2011. Leading accoucheurs-gynecologists of the world highly appreciated efficiency of the program and recommended it to implementation at regional level.

The Youth City[edit]

The high cost and inaccessibility of residential property for citizens precisely is the most serious problem for young families in Russia today. One of the main reasons that causes high prices on residential property is corruption. The Supervisory Board that acts within the Program scope consists of representatives from the legislative and executive bodies of Russia and allows to remove corruption component out of the Program implementation. The main goal of the Program is to construct small satellite towns where young families can purchase their first homes at the lowest price possible as well as work in the emerging industries. The residents of these towns will be able to work without actually leaving the town because of construction of complex residential property as well as complete set of social and business infrastructure.

A.N. Tolstoy’s International Competition of the Children's and Youth Literature[edit]

The Youth Public Chamber holds annual competition of the children's and youth literature of a name of A.N.Tolstoy. The competition is held jointly with the Union of Writers of Russia and urged to lift and strengthen prestige of scientific and art creativity in consciousness of the young reader in Russia and in the countries of near and far abroad, to tap new talents among writers, poets, the publicists writing in Russian. Beginning and skilled writers can participate in competition without age and place of residence restriction.

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