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Nakamaru Yūichi 
Native name中丸雄一
Also known asNakamaru, Yucchi, YUCCI
Born (1983-09-04) September 4, 1983 (age 35)
Kita, Tokyo, Japan
Years active1998-present
LabelsJ-One Records
Associated actsKAT-TUN
WebsiteJohnny's Net
J-One Records

Yūichi Nakamaru (中丸雄一, Nakamaru Yuuichi, born on September 4, 1983[1] in Kita-ku, Tokyo, Japan), is a Japanese idol, singer-songwriter, actor, television personality, radio host, and a member of KAT-TUN.

He joined the talent agency Johnny & Associates in 1998 and then officially debuted as part of KAT-TUN in 2006.

Individually, he has acted in numerous drama serials and is most known as a commentator and host of his own segment on NTV information variety show "Sunday Countdown Show Shūichi".[2]



Nakamaru was born in Kita-ku, but raised in Sumida-ku, Tokyo. He is the oldest child in a family of five composed of his parents and two younger sisters with 6 and 4 years age difference respectively. He has a fear of heights[3] and phobia of needles.

His reason for applying to Johnny & Associates was that in the last year of junior high school, a female classmate who liked Johnny's idols told him to try out and prepared his application form to the point that he only needed to sign it.[4]

His special skill is in beatboxing and this talent has been recognized by various other celebrities such as Rag Fair's Okkun[5] and Masi Oka.[6]

In April 2008, he entered Waseda University and majored in Human Environmental Sciences through the university's undergraduate correspondence course e-school. He successfully graduated in March 2013.[7][8]


Nakamaru officially joined Johnny & Associates in November 1998[9] with bandmate Kazuya Kamenashi and agency mates Jin Akanishi, Takahisa Masuda, Taisuke Fujigaya and Ryōichi Tsukada, who were all in the same audition. He was a member of four temporary units while still a Johnny's Jr. - Boys Be Ambitious (B.B.A), Musical Academy Dancing (M.A.D), Best Beat Dancing (B.B.D), and Toshi Otoko.

He joined KAT-TUN when it formed in 2001, and debuted as part of the group in 2006. Besides singing and beatboxing in KAT-TUN, he also writes lyrics for his solo songs or duet songs with the other members. For rap lyrics, he uses the alias Yucci.

In 2009, he appeared in his first ever leading role in a drama in TBS TV's "Rescue ~Tokubetsu Kōdo Kyūjotai".[10]


TV drama serials[edit]

  • P.P.O.I. (1999) as Suga Shika
  • Sushi Ōji! (2007) as Tarō Kawahara
  • Rescue ~Tokubetsu Kōdo Kyūjotai (2009) as Daiichi Kitajima[11]
  • Last Money: Ai no Nedan (2011) as Keigo Ōno
  • Hayami-san to Yobareru Hi (2012) as Kaoru Hayami
  • Omoni Naitemasu (2012) as Keisuke Akamatsu
  • The Wrong Man (2013) as Yasushi Kawamura[12]
  • Henshin Interviewer no Yūutsu (2013) as Jirō Shirakawa/Kirio Aonuma[13][14]
  • First Class (2014) as Itsuki Nishihara[15]
  • 99.9: Criminal Lawyer - Episode 10 (2016) as Yoichi Ishikawa[16]
  • Massage Tantei Joe (2017) as Yabukihara Jo [17]

TV movies[edit]

  • Kowai Nichiyōbi (1999)
  • Kowai Nichiyōbi ~New Chapter~ (1999)
  • Tōsan Special Drama in FNS 27Jikan TV (2000)
  • Kowai Nichiyōbi ~2000~ (2000) as Tōru
  • Kindaichi Case Files (2005) as Nakane
  • Haha no Okurimono (2009) as Masaaki Wakamori
  • Hanchou 3 (2010) as Shinobu Sonoda
  • Dachitabi ~First Chapter Dal Segno na Camp~ (2011) as Yūichi Takamaru
  • Hayami-san to Yobareru Hi SP Part I (2012) as Kaoru Hayami
  • Hayami-san to Yobareru Hi SP Part II (2012) as Kaoru Hayami
  • Lucky Seven SP (2013) as Masaru Wakunaga
  • The Partner ~Itoshiki Hyakunen no Tomo e~ (2013) as Noriaki Hatakeyama[18][19]


Stage plays[edit]

  • Nakamaru-kun no Tanoshii Jikan (2008) as himself
  • Dream Boys (2011) as Yūichi

TV programs[edit]

  • YOUtachi! (2006-2007) Co-host
  • Dosp 2 Geinōkai Sushi Zatsugaku Ōji Ketteisen! (2008)
  • Sushi Ōji! KAT-TUN Nakamaru ga Iku! Hong Kong Gourmet Tour!! Sekaiichi Sushi Ōji e no Michi (2008)
  • Shounen Club (2006-2011) Co-host
  • Tensai o Tsukuru! Galileo Nōken (2009-2011)
  • Sunday Countdown Show Shūichi (2011–present) Commentator
  • Sekai Rūtsu Tankentai (2017-) MC [20]



  • R-One KAT-TUN Co-host
  • KAT-TUN no Gatsūn Co-host


  • Misawa Homes
  • Lotte
    • Sou
    • Crunky (2002)
    • Plus X (2003)
  • Rohto
    • Mogitate Kajitsu (2005, 2007, 2008)
    • Rohto C Cube (2005)
    • Sesera (2006)
  • SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation
    • SKY PerfecTV! (2006)
    • SKY PerfecTV Premium Service (2006)
  • NTT DoCoMo
    • New 9 Series (2006)
    • FOMA903i (2006)
  • LAWSON (2015)


Solo songs[edit]

Year Title Details
2005 Understandable Performed in Spring 05 Looking KAT-TUN, Looking 05 KAT-TUN concert, featured in DVD KAT-TUN~No More Pain~World Tour 2010
2005 Shooting Star Performed in Looking KAT-TUN 2005ing concert, featured in DVD KAT-TUN~No More Pain~World Tour 2010
2007 My Weather Featured in DVD Live of KAT-TUN "Real Face"
2007 Key of Life Featured in album Cartoon KAT-TUN II You and DVDs Tour 2007 Cartoon KAT-TUN Ⅱ You, KAT-TUN~No More Pain~World Tour 2010
2008 Smack Featured in single Don't U Ever Stop and DVD KAT-TUN Live Tour 2008 Queen Of Pirates
2009 White World Featured in album Break the Records: By You & For You and DVD KAT-TUN Live Break the Records
2010 Answer Featured in single Going!
2010 Film Featured in album No More Pain and DVD KAT-TUN~No More Pain~World Tour 2010
2012 Step by Step Featured in album Chain and DVD KAT-TUN Live Tour 2012 Chain Tokyo Dome
2013 Snowflake Featured in single Expose
2014 Crescent (クレセント) Featured in album Come Here
2018 The way Featured in album Ask Yourself

Collaboration Songs[edit]

Year Title Details
2006 One on One With Tanaka Koki and was featured in album Best of KAT-TUN
2010 GIRLS With Taguchi Junnosuke and Tanaka Koki under the name NTT and was featured in single Change Ur World
2015 Kirarito (キラリト) With Taguchi Junnosuke and was featured in single Kiss Kiss Kiss (KAT-TUN song)

Awards and recognitions[edit]

  • 6th TVNavi Magazine Awards: Best Newcomer for "Rescue ~Tokubetsu Kōdo Kyūjotai"[22]


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