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Developer(s)Cryo Interactive
Publisher(s)R&P Electronic Media
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
Genre(s)Graphic adventure

ZeroZone is a graphic adventure game in which the player assumes the position of a character who must unravel the truth about his father's death.


You, Stan Gonzo, find yourself delivered a will from your father, whom you have never before met. You assume his role as leader of the largest cyber technology company, the Kanary, and try to unravel how he died, who he was, and what to do next.

The game starts when Stan is already sitting in his office in the Kanary where a police officer asks if you have any information to further his investigation into your father's murder.

Your own investigation starts by looking around the Kanary, and meeting the rest of your family.


You move around the ZeroZone world in through a semi-3D interface, that lets you look 360 degrees around you, with panorama like scenery. You move around by clicking a section of the panorama image, where you find yourself in another semi-3D panorama scene, the game advances in the same style.

Game obstacles are mainly solving puzzles, find clues and talking / interacting with other people. Some 1st person shooting action comes around every now and then, but this is more to further the plot than true fighting.

The ZeroZone virtual world is quite large, with many places to visit. Also you can communicate with almost all people you find, often they reveal clues or give you hints on what to do next.


When the game was released, it was criticised for having low quality graphics. Yet some say the plot and music created the right setting for enjoyment. Another noticeable drawback is the seemingly buggy code, which can make the game crash for no apparent reason.