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Zhang Ling
Occupation Writer
Genre Literary fiction, novel, novella, short story
Notable works Gold Mountain Blues, Aftershock

Ling Zhang (Chinese: 张翎; born in 1957) is a senior audiologist and fiction writer in Toronto, Canada. She was born in Wenzhou, China and came to Canada in 1986 to pursue her MA in English at University of Calgary. She obtained her second MA degree in Communication disorders at the University of Cincinnati. She has published eight novels and several collections of novellas and short stories in Chinese. One of her novels, 《金山》, has been translated into English, French, and German. She has won numerous important literary prizes in China.

In 2009, Zhang’s novella, Aftershock (2010 film), a tale about the survival of the horrific 1976 Tangshan earthquake, was made into China’s first IMAX movie, directed by Feng Xiaogang. This movie became the greatest box office success[1] at the time and has grossed more than US$100 million at the Chinese box office.[2]

In 2011, a lawsuit of six millions was launched against Zhang Ling for allegedly plagiarizing from works by Wayson Choy, Paul Yee, and SKY Lee. However, the case was closed in the early 2015 with no judgement against either of the parties.



  • The Sands of Time (2016) – 《流年物语》, 十月文艺出版社
  • Contractions (2014) – 《阵痛》,作家出版社
  • Tangshan Earthquake (2013) –《 唐山大地震》,花城出版社
  • Sleep, Flo, Sleep (2011) – 《睡吧,芙洛,睡吧》,十月文艺出版社
  • Gold Mountain Blues (2009) – 《金山》,十月文艺出版社. Gold Mountain Blues (English) by Penguin Canada, Le Rêve de la Montagne d'Or(French) by Renaud-Bray, and Der Traum vom Goldenen Berg (German) by Schöffling & Co.
  • Mail-Order Bride (2004) – 《邮购新娘》,作家出版社
  • Beyond the Ocean (2001) – 《交错的彼岸》,百花文艺出版社
  • Sisters from Shanghai (1998) –《 望月》, 作家出版社

Collections of novellas and short stories[edit]

  • The Way We Survive (2016) endorsed by Mo Yan, Nobel Prize winner in literature 2012, - 《每个人站起来的方式,千姿百态》, 长江文艺出版社
  • A Summer’s Tale (2013) – 《一个夏天的故事》,花城出版社
  • The Songs of Love (2012) –《 恋曲三重奏》,江苏文艺出版社
  • The Darkest Night in Life (2012) – 《生命中最黑暗的夜晚》,九州出版社
  • A Woman at Forty (2011) – 《女人四十》,中国工人出版社
  • The Aftershock (2010) – 《余震》,十月文艺出版社
  • Yan’s Journey Home (2006) – 《雁过澡溪》,成都时代出版社
  • Blind Date (2005) – 《盲约》,花城出版社
  • The World of Flesh (2004) – 《尘世》, 广西人民出版社


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