Zhang Xiaoguang

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Zhang Xiaoguang
Shenzhou astronaut
Nationality Chinese
Born May 1966 (1966-05) (age 51)
Jinzhou, Liaoning
Selection Chinese Group 1
Missions Shenzhou 10
Mission insignia

Zhang Xiaoguang (simplified Chinese: 张晓光; traditional Chinese: 張曉光; pinyin: Zhāng Xiǎoguāng) is a Chinese pilot selected as part of the Shenzhou program.


He was born in May 1966 in Jinzhou, to a family of Manchu ethnicity and was a squadron commander in the People’s Liberation Army Air Force when he was selected to be an astronaut in 1998. He had accumulated 1000 flight-hours as of 2004. He was selected as part of the backup crew for the Shenzhou 9 mission.[1] In 2013, he was selected to fly Shenzhou 10, the third spaceflight to the first Chinese space station Tiangong 1.[2]


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