Chang'e 6

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Chang'e 6
Mission type Surface sample return
Operator CNSA
Start of mission
Launch date 2024
Rocket Chang Zheng 5
Launch site Wenchang
Orbital parameters
Reference system Selenocentric
Lunar orbiter
Orbital insertion 2024
Lunar lander
Landing date 2024

Chang'e 6 (Chinese: 嫦娥六号; pinyin: Cháng'é liùhào) is an unmanned Chinese lunar exploration mission currently speculated to be under development, which is expected to land on the Moon in 2024.[1][2] Chang'e 6 will be China's second sample return mission. Like its predecessors, the spacecraft is named after the Chinese moon goddess Chang'e.

Mission profile[edit]

The probe will be launched by Long March 5 rocket in Wenchang Satellite Launch Center on Hainan Island.


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