Zhi Xian Party

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Zhi Xian Party
Zhixiandang of China

Zhōngguó Zhìxiàndǎng
Chinese name 中国至宪党
Chairperson for life Bo Xilai
Founded 6 November 2013
Banned December 2013
Ideology Chinese New Left
(Chongqing model)
Political position Left-wing
Bo Xilai Chairperson for life of Zhi Xian Party

The Zhi Xian Party or Zhixiandang of China (Chinese: 中国至宪党; pinyin: Zhōngguó Zhìxiàndǎng; literally: "China Constitution-Foremost Party"), also known as Chinese Constitutionalist Party in English, is a new unregistered political party in the People's Republic of China. It was founded in 2013 by people who support the Communist Party's right to rule, but who seek to return China to Maoist model while also trying to end what they consider are the Communist Party's violations of the national constitution. Bo Xilai was elected the party's "Chairperson for Life", because of his support for the New Left's policies, and because the party considered the trial against him unjust.[1][2] The party was banned in December 2013.[3][4]

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