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Czechoslovak 130mm rocket launcher Raketomet vz. 51.jpg
ZiL 157 w/Czech RM-51 rocket launcher
Type 6x6 Cargo truck
Place of origin Soviet Union USSR
Production history
Manufacturer ZiL
Produced 1958-1966,1966-1994 modification ЗиЛ 157КД
Specifications (Cargo[1])
Weight 5,540 kg (12,214 lb) empty
Length 6.93 m (273 in)
Width 2.32 m (91 in)
Height 2.74 m (108 in)

Engine ZiL-121
104 hp (78 kW)
Transmission 5 speed OD
Suspension Beam axle on leaf springs
Speed 40 km/h (24.9 mph)
ZIL-157 on Naissaar island, Estonia

The ZIL-157 is a general purpose 2.5 ton 6x6 truck, produced in post-WW2 Soviet Russia. The ZIL-157 was the standard Soviet truck until it was replaced by the ZIL-131 and Ural-375D series that became the standard Soviet army trucks alongside with GAZ-66. The People's Liberation Army also produced the CA-30, a copy of the ZIL-157.


  • ZIL-157B: Tractor-trailer version. Produced 1958-1982.
  • ZIL-165: Prototype for ZIL-131. Produced in 1958.

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