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Zombi (band)
Origin Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Genres Space rock, electronic rock, dark wave, synthwave
Labels Relapse Records
Website Zombi.us
Members Steve Moore
Anthony Paterra

Zombi is an American synthwave duo from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, consisting of Steve Moore on bass and synthesizers and Anthony Paterra on drums.[1] The group makes use of looping to create multi-layered compositions. They have toured with Don Caballero, Isis, Orthrelm, The Psychic Paramount, Daughters, Red Sparowes, These Arms Are Snakes, Trans Am, and Goblin.[2]

They are currently signed to Relapse Records.

Steve Moore was previously a member of Microwaves, a metal/no-wave band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has toured with Red Sparowes. Anthony Paterra is a former member of the Pittsburgh band The 1985.

Their song "Sapphire" was remixed by Norwegian DJ/producer Prins Thomas.[1]

The band takes its name from the Italian title of George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead. The film was named Zombi in Italy, with original music performed by Goblin, who were an influence on this band.[3]


Studio albums[edit]

Other releases[edit]

  • Zombi demo (2002)
  • Twilight Sentinel EP (2003)
  • Zombi Anthology (re-issue of first two EPs, 2005)
  • Digitalis tour EP (2006)
  • Split LP with Maserati (2009)
  • Slow Oscillations EP (2011)


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