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The 12th Australian Recording Industry Association Music Awards (generally known as the ARIA Music Awards or simply The ARIAS) was held on 20 October 1998 at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre.[1][2] Presenters, including Democrats deputy leader Natasha Stott Despoja and former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, distributed 28 awards with the big winner for the year being Natalie Imbruglia with six awards.[1]

In addition to previous categories, "Outstanding Achievement Award" was presented to Savage Garden.[1] The ARIA Hall of Fame inducted: The Angels and The Masters Apprentices.[1]

Ceremony details[edit]


Final nominees for awards are shown in plain, with winners in bold.

ARIA Awards[edit]

Fine Arts Awards[edit]

  • Best Jazz Album
    • Chaplin, Tinkler, Rex, Lamble – The Future in Today
    • Joe ChindamoAnyone Who Had a Heart
    • Kevin Hunt – Plays JS Bach
    • Shelley Scown with the Paul Grabowsky TrioAngel
    • Rolf Stube – The Jazz Police

Artisan Awards[edit]

Outstanding Achievement Award[edit]

ARIA Hall of Fame inductees[edit]

The Hall Of Fame inductees were:



  1. ^ ARIA lists this entry as "The Boys for Necks - The".[1]
  2. ^ ARIA lists Dave Dobson as one of three artists for "Now Until the Break of Day".[1] Opera tenor, David Hobson is described as a 1998 ARIA Award winner.[3]
  3. ^ The Shits were a duo renamed as Happyland consisting of (then) domestic partners Quan Yeomans of Regurgitator and Janet English of Spiderbait.[4]


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