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A Voice for Men (AVfM)
A Voice for Men logo.jpg
Motto Humanist Counter-Theory in the Age of Misandry
Formation 2009
Purpose Men's issues, Anti-feminism
Headquarters Houston, Texas
Region served International
Publisher Paul Elam
Website avoiceformen.com

A Voice for Men (often known as AVfM) is an online activist organization and publication that was founded in 2009 by Paul Elam. A part of the men's rights movement, it calls its activism "Men's Human Rights Activism" and runs under the current tagline of "Humanist Countertheory in the Age of Misandry." Its editorial slant is strongly critical of feminism, charging feminists of being misandrist in their mindset. To counter what it sees as a system stacked against men, A Voice for Men has created what it claims to be a safe place for men to express their anger against that system, moderating only against threats of violence, [1] while critics of the site believe that the site is merely a reactionary venue against feminism and may even espouse the bigotry it claims to eschew.[2]

A Voice for Men has sometimes been accused of being a controversial or misogynist publication by The New York Times,[3] the Southern Poverty Law Center,[4] The Week,[5] and ABC 20/20 both in print[6] and video,[7] Maclean's,[8] and The Daily Beast,[9] and Huffington Post Living.[10] Less critical coverage featuring A Voice for Men and its staff have included a segment on Huffington Post Live[11] and Chill Media,[12] and The Register.[13]

A Voice for Men features regular articles on subjects impacting men's and boys' issues, including education, circumcision, homelessness, rape, false allegations of rape, domestic violence, allegations of domestic violence, promoting financial abortions, paternity fraud, cultural misandry, media bias, criticism and satire of what it claims to be modern feminist positions and cultural conservatives. It runs several radio shows including AVfM News and Activism, Honeybadger Radio, The Voice of Europe, and Revelations with Erin Pizzey.

In addition to radio shows and front page articles, it also features forums. It also features a group called the Judicial Accountability Committee, which seeks to investigate and publicize cases of men it views as having been falsely accused by the criminal or family court system.[14]


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