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An Irish acre is a unit of area historically used in Ireland, Yorkshire, and regions bordering the Solway Firth.[1]

One Irish acre is equal to about .66 hectares (1.6 acres) (196121) acre, 6600 square meters, or 70,560 square feet.

The difference between the Irish acre and the statute acre arises from the fact that the Irish mile is 1411 miles (1.273 miles (2.049 km)). Whereas a one-acre area ten times as long as wide would have dimensions of 66 by 660 feet (20 by 201 m), the Irish acre of that shape would have dimensions of 84 by 840 feet (26 by 256 m).


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The term "Irish acre" can also mean a roughly measured area of 70 paces square, (approx.4900 square yards) sometimes used by potato pickers.