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Shaghour in 1910

Al-Shaghour (Arabic: الشاغور‎) is a municipality and a neighborhood located in the old walled city of Damascus, Syria. Al-Shaghour is one of the oldest recorded neighborhoods in the city. Parts of the neighborhood made up the Jewish quarter, as it had the largest Jewish community in the city. The neighborhood is also home for many of the prominent Shiite families in Damascus. Al-Ameen street, named after a prominent Shiite figure, is the main road in the neighborhood and accommodates the market place and the main shops.[1]

During the French mandate the neighborhood was one of the important localities of national resistance. Many of the locals were involved in political activities and in the development of Syria's national political thought is the 1930s. Al-Shaghour was the home to many prominent intellectuals and political figures including the famous poet Nizar Qabbani, the minister of defense of the Kingdom of Syria, Yusuf al-Azma,[1] and Hasan al-Kharrat, the most prominent rebel leader in Damascus during the 1925 Great Syrian Revolt.[2]


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Coordinates: 33°30′22″N 36°18′23″E / 33.50611°N 36.30639°E / 33.50611; 36.30639