Al-Sibaiyah Madrasa

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Al-Sibaiyah Madrasa
المدرسة السباعية
Al-Darwishiyah Street, Bab al-Jabiya district
Damascus, Syria
Type Madrassah
Established 1515
Founder Prince Sibai
Campus Urban
Affiliation Islamic

Al-Sibaiyah Madrasa or Jami al-Jawami (Arabic: المدرسة السباعية‎) is a madrasah complex located on al-Darwishiyah Street near Bab al-Jabiya inside of the walled city of Damascus, Syria. Built in 1515 by Prince Sibai, it is composed of a peristyle prayer hall, a small courtyard, two iwans, double story chambers and a domed mausoleum. The madrasa walls are clad with materials excavated from various antique sites, affecting an ornamented façade. The opulent façade coupled with the madrasa's minaret imbue the building with a historic richness and unique quality that provoked its popular name "Jami al-Jawami", or mosque of mosques.[1]

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