Amsterdam Zuid railway station

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Amsterdam Zuid
Station Amsterdam Zuid (Zuidplein).jpg
Zuidplein entrance (April 2012).
Station statistics
Address Netherlands
Coordinates 52°20′20″N 4°52′23″E / 52.33889°N 4.87306°E / 52.33889; 4.87306Coordinates: 52°20′20″N 4°52′23″E / 52.33889°N 4.87306°E / 52.33889; 4.87306
Line(s) Weesp–Leiden railway
Other information
Opened 1978
Station code Asdz
Operator Nederlandse Spoorwegen
Amsterdam Zuid railway station is located in Randstad
Amsterdam Zuid railway station

Amsterdam Zuid is a railway station situated in the borough of Amsterdam-Zuid in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The station opened in 1978. For a number of years it was named Amsterdam Zuid WTC, referring to the nearby World Trade Center Amsterdam. In 2006, with the area surrounding the station rapidly developing, the station was enlarged and the reference to the WTC was dropped.

Amsterdam Zuid station is now at the heart of the modern Zuidas business district, home of several large banks, accounting and legal firms. It is also the gateway for the VU University campus located just south of the station.


Amsterdam Zuid lies on the strategic rail route known as the Zuidtak ("south branch"), which was completed in 1993, and connects Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the west to Weesp, in the east via Duivendrecht. Since 2006, Utrecht and other cities south of Amsterdam have been served. In that year, the Utrechtboog was completed, so that changes at Duivendrecht are no longer necessary for passengers from Schiphol to Utrecht and beyond. These routes from Schiphol therefore bypass the congested lines serving Central Amsterdam, allowing faster connections between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and cities in the north and east of the country (Leeuwarden and Enschede, among others).

The station, which was extended in 2006, plays an increasingly important role, gradually replacing Amsterdam Centraal as the capital's main station for direct trains to several destinations in the north and east of the country. It is anticipated that in the future Amsterdam Zuid will be served by a number of the trains using the HSL-Zuid.

Amsterdam Zuid is currently served by two lines of the Amsterdam Metro and the Tram line 5, as well as by buses, and will be the southern terminus of the new North/South metro line currently under construction.


There are plans to rebuild the station, as well as the Amsterdam ring road A10, in a tunnel to enhance the urban qualities of the Zuidas office area. In May 2008 tram line 5 which used to stop at the station was moved to the Strawinskylaan, where the bus services stop. This is so that the new metro line 52 building works can take place here.

Train services[edit]

In recent years Station Zuid has become a major station. In December 2006 the extension of the station, platforms 3 and 4, was opened. The operator of trains services is Nederlandse Spoorwegen. They operate two types of train from Amsterdam Zuid.

  • Intercity These are express trains calling at main city stations.
  • Sprinter These are trains that stop at all stations and mostly are operated by SGMm or SLT stock.
  • 1x per hour intercity service The Hague - Leiden - Schiphol - Duivendrecht - Almere - Lelystad - Zwolle - Groningen
  • 1x per hour intercity service The Hague - Leiden - Schiphol - Duivendrecht - Almere - Lelystad - Zwolle - Leeuwarden
  • 1x per hour intercity service Schiphol - Hilversum - Amersfoort - Hengelo - Enschede
  • 1x per hour intercity service Schiphol - Duivendrecht - Hilversum - Amersfoort Schothorst
  • 2x per hour intercity service Schiphol - Utrecht - Arnhem - Nijmegen
  • 2x per hour intercity service Schiphol - Utrecht - Eindhoven - Heerlen
  • 2x per hour local service (sprinter) Almere Oostvaarders - Weesp - Duivendrecht - Schiphol - Hoofddorp
  • 2x per hour local service (sprinter) Utrecht - Hilversum - Weesp - Duivendrecht - Schiphol - Hoofddorp - Leiden - The Hague
Preceding station   Nederlandse Spoorwegen   Following station
NS Intercity 700
Not on late evenings and early weekend mornings
toward Groningen
NS Intercity 1600
toward Enschede
NS Intercity 3100
Not on late evenings and early Sunday mornings
toward Nijmegen
NS Intercity 3500
Not on evenings
toward Heerlen
NS Intercity 3500
Early evenings only
toward Eindhoven
NS Intercity 3500
Late evenings only
NS Intercity 11600
NS Intercity 12700
Not on late evenings and early weekend mornings
toward Leeuwarden
NS Sprinter 4300
Weekdays rush hours only
toward Hoofddorp
NS Sprinter 4300
Not on weekdays rush hours
NS Sprinter 5700

Metro services[edit]

Amsterdam Zuid is a station on the Amsterdam Metro Routes 50 and 51. Route 50 was opened in 1997. It runs next to the railway line from Isolatorweg to Gein. Route 51 was opened in 1990, when it ran from Centraal Station to Zuid. In 1993 it was extended to Poortwachter and in 2004 to Amstelveen Westwijk.

  • 50 Isolatorweg - Sloterdijk - Lelylaan - Zuid - RAI - Duivendrecht - Bijlmer ArenA - Holendrecht - Gein
  • 51 Central Station - Amstel - Van der Madeweg - RAI - Zuid - Buitenveldert - Amstelveen
Preceding station   Amsterdam Metro   Following station
toward Isolatorweg
Line 50
toward Gein
toward Centraal
Line 51
toward Westwijk
  From 2017  
Line 52 Terminus

Tram service[edit]

GVB operates 1 tram service to Station Zuid. In May 2008 the tram stop was moved from between the metro lines to Strawinskylaan, where the bus services stop. At the western end of the station platforms is the stop Parnassusweg.

  • 5 Central Station - Leidsplein - Museumplein - Station Zuid - Buitenveldert - Amstelveen Binnenhof
Previous Line Next
Prinses Irenestraat


  Line 5   Parnassusweg

Bus services[edit]

Bus services depart from Strawinskylaan, 200m north of the station.

These are city services, operated by GVB.

  • 15 Station Zuid - Haarlemmermeerstation - Surinameplein - Mercatorplein - Bos en Lommer - Station Sloterdijk
  • 65 Station Zuid - Rivierenbuurt - Station Amstel - Watergraafsmeer - KNSM Island
  • 62 Amstel Station - Station Zuid - Station Lelylaan (as of December 14 2014)

These are urban/regional services operated by Connexxion.

  • 176 Station Zuid - VU - Haarlem
  • 199 Station Zuid - Buitenveldert - Amstelveen, Beneluxbaan - Bus Station - Amstelveen Hospital - Middenhoven - Westwijk - Schiphol Airport
  • 310 Station Zuid - VU - Schiphol Airport - Hoofddorp - Nieuw-Vennep (P&R)


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