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The Australian Labor Party National Executive is the highest elected internal body of the Australian Labor Party, one of the major political parties in Australia. The National Executive is elected by the party's National Conference, held every three years, and represents the party's state and territory branches. The most recent National Conference was held in December 2011.

National Executive is made up of the National President and National Vice Presidents (who are directly elected by Labor members), the Leader of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party and 20 members elected by National Conference.[1] The National President and the federal Parliamentary Leader are automatically members. The party's National Secretary, the two Vice-Presidents and the state and territory secretaries are non-voting members. Many of its members are officials of trade unions which are affiliated to the party. Some are members of federal or state Parliaments.

The National Executive concerns itself mainly with organisational matters. It does not decide party policy, which is determined by the National Conference, nor does it elect the party's parliamentary leaders, which is done by the Parliamentary Caucus. It does not elect the National President or Vice-President, which is done by party members. Its most public role is to act as the final arbiter of disputes about parliamentary candidacies (preselections). On these matters the National Executive usually votes on factional lines. The Labor Right faction holds a majority on the National Executive.

Members of the National Executive[edit]

The current members of the National Executive are:[1]

Ex officio members:

* Indicates a non-voting member

Elected members: