Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses

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Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses
DVD cover
Directed by Greg Richardson
Produced by Shea Wageman
Written by
  • Elana Lesser
  • Cliff Ruby
Music by
Edited by
  • Colin Adams
  • James Boshier
Distributed by Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Right Entertainment (UK)
Release date(s) September 19, 2006 (2006-09-19)
Running time 81 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses is a direct-to-video computer animated Barbie film directed by Greg Richardson and loosely based on the fairytale "The Twelve Dancing Princesses".[1] It is part of the Barbie film series and features the voice of Kelly Sheridan as Barbie. This film was released on September 19, 2006.

Music for the film was composed by Arnie Roth. "Shine", the end title song written by Roth, Amy Powers and Rob Hudnut, was nominated for a 2007 Emmy Award. The film is the final Rainmaker Entertainment film made in the Mainframe Entertainment era.


Barbie stars as Genevieve, one of twelve princesses who live in a castle The princesses have adventurous and free-spirited natures that are viewed as "unladylike" and "non-proper" by other members of the royal society. This leads someone to summon there heart to the castle to help the princesses Unbeknownst to courtney she plans to raise money and get books Attempting to break the princesses spirits, blair makes their lives miserable by stripping the castle of everything they love, banishing singing and dancing.

The princesses find comfort in their late mother's favorite story, which tells of a magical kingdom where golden flowers grant wishes and princesses can dance at an enchanted pavilion for three nights. The princesses realize that the story contains clues on how to enter the magical kingdom from their own bedroom, by dancing on specific stones on the floor. Now inside the magical kingdom, the princesses discover that the water there possesses healing properties.

The next day, the princesses appear tired and the duchess finds their new dancing shoes worn through, arousing her suspicion. The royal cobbler and Genevieve comes to help lacey and sees that they are covered in gold dust. When the princesses mysteriously fails to Genevieve when she is ask to investigate her sisters ture love true intentions. That night, the princesses return to the magical kingdom to dance. During this time, genevieve discovers that she is picking flowers from the castle and dealing with an apothecary, and she rushes back to the castle.

The next morning, the sisters are again exhausted. they interrogate and but they are leaded but when they tell her the truth she refuses to believe them, forcing the princesses into servitude. Heartbroken, they return to the magical kingdom, and the princesses feel alone next morning. That evening, Derek makes it back to the castle but discovers that the princesses are missing. He sneaks into their bedroom and, remembering the dance Genevieve had shown them earlier, enters the magical kingdom to report findings to the princesses. watches as they enter the magical kingdom and reports what she has seen back to them they use this knowledge to enter the magical kingdom, where she steals some of the gold flowers that grant wishes. they then return to the castle and build the gateway to the magical kingdom.

The princesses are trapped in the magical kingdom. However, they eventually discover that, when Genevieve dances together, everyone floats up into the sky and they are able to return home through a different gateway that leads to their mother's dance pavilion.

Upon returning, they learn that the girls have taken over . The princesses break into the castle to confront her. After a struggle, genevieve uses the gold flowers to wish that Genevieve would dance forever. When the flower dust comes towards Genevieve, she uses her fan to blow the dust back towards who begins to dance. When Rowena's footman tries to help her, he is pulled into the dance, too, and the two villains dance their way out of the castle.

Lacey then uses some water brought back from the magical kingdom to bring her friend back When she discovers her real princess friend she explains that she had been beliving her and apologizes to genevieve for not believing them. With the conflict resolved, Genevieve celebrates their wedding.

Cast and characters[edit]


Each Princess is designated with a gemstone and a flower. Each princess' flower appears on their dresses, the book gifted to each of them, and on the stones on the floor of their bedroom.

  • Ashlyn, voiced by Nicole Oliver, is the 21-year-old eldest sister. She is practical, calm and knowledgeable. She loves music, especially playing the flute and oboe. She is straightforward and cares for her sisters, for whom she tries to act as a role model. Her flower is the purple geranium and her gemstone is a garnet. She bears the most resemblance to her mother Queen Isabella, and wears a purple dress.
  • Blair, voiced by Jennifer Copping, is the 20-year-old second sister. She loves horseback riding and collects music boxes. Feisty and outspoken, Blair is always the first to voice her opinion, especially her complaints about Rowena's presence in their lives. Her flower is larkspur and her gemstone is a ruby. She wears a red dress.
  • Courtney, voiced by Lalainia Lindbjerg, is the 19-year-old third sister and is close to Ashlyn and Blair. She seems to be the shyest of the twelve sisters. Her favorite hobby is reading, which makes her intelligent and open-minded, but often renders her totally oblivious to her surroundings. Her flower is the forget-me-not and her gemstone is a sapphire. She wears a blue dress.
  • Delia, voiced by Kathleen Barr, is the adventurous 18-year-old fourth sister, and Edeline's fraternal twin. She loves sports, especially croquet and horseback riding. Her flower is the sunflower and her gemstone is a green peridot. She wears a green dress.
  • Edeline, voiced by Chiara Zanni, is the 18-year-old fifth sister, and Delia's fraternal twin. She loves to play sports, her favorites being badminton and croquet. She also tends to be messy and disorganized. Her flower is honeysuckle and her gemstone is orange citrine. She wears an orange dress.
  • Fallon, voiced by Adrienne Carter, is the 17-year-old sixth sister. She loves animals, plays the harp and is a romantic who hopes everyone can find their happily ever after. She likes hearts, lace, and writing stories. Her flower is the camellia and her gemstone is a pearl. She wears a magenta dress.
  • Genevieve, voiced by Kelly Sheridan, is the 16-year-old seventh sister, and the main protagonist of the film. She tends to run late for all sorts of occasions. She is also an experienced chess player. Next to her family, Genevieve loves dancing more than anything. Derek, the royal cobbler, harbors romantic feelings for her. Her flower is the pink rose and her gemstone is a pink opal. She wears a white and dark pink dress.
  • Hadley, voiced by Ashleigh Ball, is the 12-year-old eighth sister and Isla's fraternal twin. She loves to dance on stilts, an interest she shares with Isla. Her flower is the narcissus and her gemstone is a topaz. She wears a turqoise dress.
  • Isla, also voiced by Ashleigh Ball, is the 12-year-old ninth sister and Hadley's fraternal twin. Isla is a skilled acrobat and enjoys dancing on stilts with her twin. Her flower is the lily of the valley and her gemstone is an emerald. She wears a purple dress.
  • Janessa, voiced by Britt McKillip, is 5 years old and is the tenth sister and leader of the young fraternal triplets. She is interested in bugs and loves collecting them. While she may be bossy at times, her intentions are always good. Her flower is the jonquil and her gemstone is aquamarine. She wears a light blue dress.
  • Kathleen, voiced by Maddy Capozzi, is 5 years old and is the eleventh sister, the middle triplet and is close with both triplets. She loves art and enjoys painting, but tends to be messy like her big sister, Edeline. Kathleen is down-to-earth and helps keep balance among the triplets. Her flower is the daisy and her gemstone is a pink diamond. She wears a yellow and pink dress.
  • Lacey, voiced by Chantal Strand, is 5 years old and the youngest sister. She is very close to her big sister, Genevieve. Being the youngest, she is timid, somewhat clumsy and frequently needs help for the simplest things. Even though she loves her sisters and her father, Lacey often wonders about where she belongs in her large family. Her flower is the white lily and her gemstone is an amethyst. She wears a lavender dress.


In the October 14, 2006 issue of Billboard, Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses debuted at number one on the Top DVD Sales chart.


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