Bobby Brown (song)

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"Bobby Brown"
Single by Frank Zappa
from the album Sheik Yerbouti
Released March 3, 1979
Recorded 1978
Genre Comedy rock, progressive rock
Length 2:49
Label CBS Records
Writer(s) Frank Zappa
Producer(s) Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa singles chronology
"Dancin' Fool"
"Bobby Brown (Goes Down)"
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"Bobby Brown" (Sound-icon.png (song sample, 600Kb)) or Bobby Brown (Goes Down) is a song by Frank Zappa released on his album Sheik Yerbouti in 1979. One of his best known songs, it was hugely successful in Europe.[1][2]

The song describes a wealthy, misogynist student named Bobby Brown, "the cutest boy in town", whose life is the archetypical American Dream until a traumatic sexual encounter with "Freddie", a lesbian involved in the women's liberation movement, leaves him questioning his sexuality. He eventually realizes that he is gay and by the end of the song is a self-described "sexual spastic" involved in golden showers and S&M, for which he thanks Freddie. This song was more successful in Europe than America and this is why it is only featured on the vinyl and European CD version of Zappa's best of Strictly Commercial. [3][4]

Track list[edit]

Version 1:

A."Bobby Brown" - 2:43[5]
B."Baby Snakes" - 1:50

Version 2:

A."Bobby Brown" - 2:43 [6]
B."Stick It Out" - 4:33


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