Bruce Fitzhugh

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Bruce Fitzhugh
Birth name Bruce Fitzhugh
Origin U.S.
Genres Christian metal
Occupations Singer, Musician, Producer
Instruments Vocals, Guitar
Years active 1989–2003
2008 -
Associated acts Living Sacrifice

Bruce Fitzhugh is the second and best known lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and founding member of Arkansas's Christian metal band Living Sacrifice.[1] The lead vocalist role was left to Bruce shortly after the departure of former lead Darren Johnson and prior to the recording of Living Sacrifice's 1997 album, Reborn.

He has been involved in many other music endeavors such as producing The Showdown's debut album, A Chorus Of Obliteration.[2] He also produced albums for Zao,[3] Further Seems Forever,[4] and Eso-Charis.[5] He is also a guest vocalist on Demon Hunter's album Storm the Gates of Hell on the song "Sixteen".[6]

Guest vocals


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