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CCTV-13 新闻
Launched 1 October 1998
Owned by China Central Television
Picture format 576i (SDTV 16:9)
Country China
Formerly called 中国新闻电视台
CCTV-新闻 (中国中央电视台新闻频道)
ATV Digital (Hong Kong) Channel 30
Jadeworld (Australia) Channel 5
TVB Pay Vision (Hong Kong) Channel 730
Indovision (Indonesia) Channel 4205
SKY Italia (Italy) Channel 4221
DStv (South Africa) Channel 415
Skylife (South Korea) Channel 527
TrueVisions (Thailand) Channel 57 (Coming)
DirecTV (USA) Channel 4152
Dish Network (USA) Channel 4255
MyCATV Lucena (PHIL) Channel 48
Rogers Cable (Canada) Channel 110
Cable TV Hong Kong Channel 1070
Cablelink (Philippines) Channel 1070
Cablecom (Switzerland) Channel 4221 (digital CH-D)
naxoo (Switzerland) Channel 4112
Shaw Cable (Canada) Channel 524
Rogers Cable (Canada) Channel 4417
Available on some US cable systems Check Local Listings for channels
Intercable (Venezuela) Channel 196
TPG (Australia) ChineseTV2
bbTV (Hong Kong) Channel 729
now TV (Hong Kong) Channel 4155
HyppTV (Malaysia) Channel 407
mio TV (Singapore) Channel 50
KylinTV (USA) Channel 1009
FiOS TV (USA) Channel 2758
WCETV (USA) Channel 27
Streaming media
CNTV Ai Bugu CCTV-13

CCTV-13 (Chinese: 中国中央电视台新闻频道), formerly CCTV News (Chinese: CCTV-新闻), is the news channel of China Central Television, broadcasting across the People's Republic of China since 2003 and with competition is Phoenix InfoNews Channel and CNC Chinese.


CCTV News channel broadcasts 24-hour news reports, as well current affairs programmes throughout the day. News reports cover domestic and international events. The channel broadcasts exclusively in Mandarin Chinese. Viewers from across the Greater China region and that of the Chinese diaspora can watch the channel via satellite.


People's Republic of China[edit]

  • Terrestrial Analog
  • Terrestrial Digital
  • Cable Digital
  • IPTV

Asia-Pacific Region[edit]


  • TDM Channel 72

Hong Kong[edit]

  • TVB Network Vision Channel 96(Coming Soon in 2014)
  • Cbale TV Hong Kong Channel 70
  • now TV Channel 301(Coming Soon)
  • HKBN BBTV Channel 729


Mon - Fri(BJT)

Programme Start Time End Time
Monday to Friday
國旗國歌/国旗国歌 National Anthem 5.57am 6am
朝聞天下/朝闻天下 Morning News 6am 9am Simulcast on CCTV-1 in 6-8.30am
新聞直播間/新闻直播间 News Live 9am 12pm Rolling News
新聞30分/新闻30分 News 30 minutes 12:00pm 12:30pm Simulcast on CCTV-1
法治在線/法治在线 Law Online 12:30pm 1pm Legal News
新聞直播間/新闻直播间 News Live 1pm 6pm Rolling News
共同關注/共同关注 Focus On 6pm 6:30pm Six o'clock national and world news
新聞聯播/新闻联播 Xinwen Lianbo 7:00pm 7:30pm Newscast which reports on leaders' actions and propagate the CPC's Policy, Simulcast on CCTV-1
天氣預報和聯播後廣告/天气预报和联播后广告 Weather Forecast 7.30pm 7.38pm Weather forecast within 48 hours,Simulcast on CCTV-1
焦點訪談/焦点访谈 Focus Report 7.38pm 7.50pm A in-depth coverage on hot topics and propagate the CPC's Policy
Simulcast on CCTV-1
東方時空/东方时空 Oriental Horizon 8pm 8.55pm National and International News
新聞聯播 (重播)/新闻联播 (重播) Xinwen Lianbo (Repeat) 9pm 9.30pm Replay of 7pm; if errors occur, aired Live
新聞1+1/新闻1+1 News 1+1 9.30pm 10pm News Commentary
國際時訊/国际时讯 World Express 10pm 10.30pm International News
環球視線/环球视线 Global Watch 10.30pm 10.55pm News Commentary on world news
24小時/24小时 24 Hours 11pm 11.55pm Review of whole day
午夜新聞/午夜新闻 Midnight News 12am 12.55am National and International News at Midnight
新聞直播間/新闻直播间 Live News 1am 1.30am Rolling News
新聞1+1/新闻1+1 (重播) News 1+1 1.30am 1.53am Replay of 9.30pm yesterday
新聞直播間/新闻直播间 News Live 2am 2.15am Rolling News
環球視線/环球视线 (重播) Global Watch 2.30am 2.55am Replay of 10.30pm yesterday
新聞直播間/新闻直播间 News Live 3am 3.15am Rolling News
法治在線/法治在线 (重播) Law Online 3.25am 3.45am Replay of 12.35pm yesterday
焦點訪談/焦点访谈 (重播) Focus Report 3.45am 3.58am Replay of 7.38pm yesterday
新聞直播間/新闻直播间 News Live 4am 4.15am Rolling News
新聞1+1/新闻1+1 (重播) News 1+1 4.30am 4.53am Replay of 9.30pm yesterday
新聞直播間/新闻直播间 News Live 5am 5.15am Rolling News
環球視線/环球视线(重播) Global Watch 5.15am 5.40am Replay of 10.30pm yesterday
焦點訪談/焦点访谈(重播) Focus Report 5.45am 5.57am Replay of 7.40pm yesterday

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