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SET News
Launched March 1998
Network Sanlih E-Television
Slogan "First leading brand of Taiwan's local news" (台灣在地新聞第一領導品牌)
Country Republic of China (Taiwan)
Broadcast area Taiwan
Headquarters Taiwan
Website [1]
CATV Channel 54

SET News (Chinese: 三立新聞台, Pinyin: Sānlì xīnwén tái) is a 24 hour news channel of the Sanlih E-Television in Taiwan, launched in March 1998

Typical schedule[edit]

Time Anchor Name of program Program specialty
about 06:45~08:45 Wang Chih-yuLee You-lung "Good Morning Fresh News"(《早安新鮮聞》) Morning news
about 11:45~13:45 Lu Hui-min "Sanlih Noon News"(《三立正午新聞》) Noon/Afternoon news
about 13:55~15:50 Ao Guo-chu "New Taiwan"(《新台灣加油》) 政論談話性節目
about 17:45~19:45 Lee Tien-yi "Sanlih Evening News"(《三立晚間新聞》) Evening news
about 19:55~20:50 Chen Ya-lin "Sanlih News at Eight"《三立新聞八點檔》 Evening news 精華版
about 20:55~22:50 Cheng Hung-yi "Da Hua News"(《大話新聞》) 三立新聞台近年來收視最高的偏綠政論性節目
about 22:55~23:50 Chen Ya-lin "More Unique News"(《新聞多異點》) 主打重點議題

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