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Charlie Mason
Birth name Charlie Mason
Born New Orleans, U.S.

Charlie Mason is an American lyricist whose credits include releases by Miley Cyrus, Eric Saade, Abraham Mateo, BoA, Ross Lynch, Monrose, Sergey Lazarev, Sweet California, Danny Saucedo, Sarah Connor, Osvaldo Supino, Robin Beck, Cars & Calories, Queensberry and Boycode. A song that he co-wrote, "Rise Like a Phoenix," sung by Austrian artist Conchita Wurst, also won the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.

Mason got his start as a lyricist working with German vocalist-musician Dirk Homuth on songs for an alt-pop group which Homuth named Almost Charlie so that, although his friend is "unable to play any instrument more complicated than a toaster," he could still be represented in some way. To date, the act has released three albums, "Loving Counterclockwise" (2006), "The Plural of Yes" (2009) and "Tomorrow's Yesterday" (2012).

Since then, Mason has written lyrics in nearly every genre, for artists including House of Lords, Gigi Radics, Oscar Zia, Ashley Tisdale, Andrey Tikhonov, Electrovamp, Jonathan Fagerlund, Jane Badler, Davis Redfield and Miss Coco Peru. His personal projects have included albums by Kim David Smith and Amelia's Fault, and singles by Nathalie Archangel and former Vanity 6 and Apollonia 6 member Brenda Bennett.

Mason has said that "his goal in life is to have the option of spending all day, every day, locked in a room with a view of his platinum records writing one lyric after another, occasionally taking breaks to play with the pets he looks forward to rescuing from animal shelters."


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