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Brendan Graham (born 1945)[1]) is an Irish novelist and composer.

Graham was born in County Tipperary. He has published three novels, The Whitest Flower (London, Harper Collins, 1998), an Irish No. 2 best seller, The Element of Fire (Harper Collins, 2001) and The Brightest Day, The Darkest Night (Harper Collins, 2004).[2]

He also wrote the lyrics for Rolf Løvland's "You Raise Me Up". Løvland was inspired to write the song after reading The Whitest Flower, Graham's first novel.[3] "You Raise Me Up" was a huge international hit for Irish boyband Westlife. Graham wrote the lyrics for one of Løvland's "Mary's Lament", which appears on Secret Garden's 2011 album, Winter Poem.

Graham also composed two of Ireland's winning entries in the Eurovision Song Contest: "Rock 'n' Roll Kids", which won in 1994, and "The Voice", the winner of the 1996 contest.[4] He also wrote the 1976 Irish Eurovision entry, 'When', which was sung by Red Hurley, and the 1985 entry 'Wait until the weekend comes', performed by Maria Christian. He wrote several songs for Celtic Woman, including "O, America". Also, for a similar group, Celtic Thunder, Graham wrote songs including "My Land ", "Voices", and "Always There" (written especially for a CT member Emmet Cahill).

When the British composer,Paul Mealor,wrote a lullaby for Prince George, son of William and Katherine,Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,Graham was invited to write the lyrics.It is entitled "Sleep On"

Entries in the Eurovision Song Contest[edit]


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