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Czech Republic Charouz Racing System
Charouz Racing System.png
Founded 1985
Base Prague, Czech Republic
Team principal(s) Antonín Charouz
Current series Formula Renault 3.5 Series
Eurocup Mégane Trophy
Czech Touring Car Championship
Czech Rally Championship
Czech Sprintrally Championship
Former series F3000 International Masters
A1 Grand Prix
Auto GP
FIA GT3 European Championship
Current drivers Netherlands Meindert van Buuren
France Matthieu Vaxivière
2006 F3000 International Masters season
2012 FIA GT3 European Championship season
2006 F3000 International Masters season (J. Charouz)
2009 Le Mans Series season (J. Charouz), (T. Enge), (S. Mücke)
2012 FIA GT3 European Championship season(D. Baumann), (M. Buhk)
Charouz's Lola B08/60-Aston Martin which the team campaigns in the Le Mans Series

Charouz Racing System (CHRS) is a racing team from Czech Republic, created in 1985 by Antonín Charouz. Currently the team is competing in Auto GP and the Le Mans Series.[citation needed]


In the 1980s, Charouz participated in the European Championship of Circuit Races' 1600 cc division in a Toyota Corolla. By 1992, they prepared cars for a special cup series for Ford Fiestas, Escort RS 2000s and Pumas.

Since 1998, Charouz has competed in the European Rally Championship, Slovak Championship and European Zone series.[1]

When the A1 Grand Prix series debuted in 2005, Charouz managed the A1 Team Czech Republic.[2] The team later took over management duties for A1 Team Brazil.[3]

New for 2007 was the entrance into endurance racing with the Le Mans Series. Competing with a Lola-Judd prototype, the team finished the year fifth in their class championship, including a second place finish at Valencia. For 2008 the team entered a cooperation with Aston Martin Racing and Prodrive, running a new Lola B08/60 coupe in the Le Mans Series and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The B07/17 from 2007 was entered at Le Mans under the Charouz banner, but the car was run by Greg Pickett's Team Cytosport with help from Sam Hignett's Team Jota, the same organization who prepared this car for Charouz in 2007.

In 2010 Charouz ran four cars in the Auto GP series.



Formula Renault 3.5 Results
Year Team Name Car Drivers Races Wins Poles F.L. Points D.C. T.C.
2011 Gravity–Charouz Racing Dallara T08-Renault Czech Republic Jan Charouz 17 0 0 1 10 25th 7th
New Zealand Brendon Hartley 17 0 0 2 95 7th
2012 Lotus Dallara FR35/12-Renault New Zealand Richie Stanaway 5 0 0 0 8 22nd 6th
Brazil César Ramos 4 0 0 0 0 30th
Netherlands Nigel Melker 2 0 0 0 15 19th
Estonia Kevin Korjus 6 0 0 0 69* 10th*
Denmark Marco Sørensen 17 1 0 0 122 6th
2013 Lotus Dallara FR35/12-Renault Denmark Marco Sørensen 17 2 2 1 113 7th 7th
Philippines Marlon Stöckinger 17 0 0 0 23 18th
2014 Lotus Dallara FR35/12-Renault Philippines Marlon Stöckinger 17 0 0 0 73 9th 5th
France Matthieu Vaxivière 13 0 0 0 83 8th
New Zealand Richie Stanaway 4 0 0 0 21 18th
A1 Grand Prix results[4]
Year Car Team Races Wins Poles Fast laps Points T.C.
2005–06 Lola-Zytek Czech Republic A1 Team Czech Republic 22 1 0 0 56 12th
2006–07 Lola-Zytek Czech Republic A1 Team Czech Republic 22 0 0 0 27 12th
Brazil A1 Team Brazil 22 0 0 0 9 18th
2007–08 Lola-Zytek Czech Republic A1 Team Czech Republic 20 0 0 0 10 19th
  • D.C. = Drivers' Championship position, T.C. = Teams' Championship position.

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