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Coordinates: 32°07′32″S 115°51′30″E / 32.125607°S 115.858452°E / -32.125607; 115.858452

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Cockburn Central
Transperth TrainsList of Perth railway stations
Transperth Cockburn Central Station outer entrance.jpg
Mandurah Line
Street Kwinana Freeway, Beeliar Drive, North Lake Road, Knock Place, Junction Boulevard, Signal Terrace, Points Way
Suburb Atwell, Jandakot, Success, Cockburn Central
Distance from Perth 20.5 km (12.7 mi)
General information
Station code RCL
Fare zone 3
Station design
Number of platforms 2
Platform architecture Island
Station structure Closed Station
Access by Overhead bridges
Train transfer No
Bus transfer Yes
Total number of bus stands 12, 10 stands are in use
Total number of bus routes 15
Transit guard booth Yes
Park 'n' Ride Yes (395 bays)
Lock 'n' Ride No, but Pay 'n' Display (205 bays)
Lifts 1
Escalators 2
Add Value Machines Yes
Public telephones Yes
Public toilets Yes
The entrance of Cockburn Central Station.
The platform level of Cockburn Central Station.

Cockburn Central Station is a railway station located in Jandakot, Western Australia. Situated in the Kwinana Freeway median strip, and just north of the Beeliar Drive/Armadale Road interchange, it is also integrated with the Success Park 'n' Ride bus station. It is served by the interburban Mandurah line, with services to both the Perth CBD and the neighbouring city of Mandurah. When the station was commissioned, Cockburn Central became a suburb of its own.


Cockburn Central is on the Mandurah Line of the Transperth Trains network, a hybrid metro-commuter rail system with five lines in metropolitan Perth. As such, it receives trains northbound to central Perth and southbound to the suburbs of Mandurah and Rockingham. Four stopping patterns serve Cockburn Central station: all stations, C, K, and W which terminates at this station.[1]

In the inbound direction, all stations, K-, and W-pattern trains take about 19 minutes, averaging 64.7 km/h (40.2 mph), to arrive at Perth.[1] C-pattern trains stop at all stations except Canning Bridge heading to Perth, taking 18 minutes at an average of 68.3 km/h (42.4 mph).[1]

In the outbound direction, an all stations train takes about 32 minutes, averaging 93.0 km/h (57.8 mph), to arrive at Mandurah.[1] C-pattern trains operate locally to Mandurah apart from skipping Canning Bridge; this has no effect for passengers departing Cockburn Central for any southbound stations. K-pattern trains operate skip Kwinana and Wellard on their way to Rockingham, taking 15 minutes at an average of 90.8 km/h (56.4 mph). W-pattern trains terminate at Cockburn.[1]

Station layout[edit]

Cockburn Central uses a simple island platform layout with two tracks. Platform 1 is used by trains bound for Perth underground station (these trains generally continue onto the Joondalup Line) whilst platform 2 is used by trains heading south towards Mandurah. Access to the station is provided by a pedestrian overpass connecting a busway with the western end of Knock Place. A concourse containing faregates lies above the platform and beyond these gates there is a pair of escalators and lifts heading down to the platform located in the central reservation of the Kwinana Freeway.[2] To the south of the station is a siding where terminating trains are parked. These sidings remain empty on weekends, when the W pattern does not operate.

Stop no. Platform Line Stopping pattern Destination Notes
[2820] Cockburn Central station platforms
99661 Transperth platform 1W.svg Mandurah All stations, K, W Perth underground Shuttle weekdays only, terminus of Shuttle
99662 Transperth platform 2W.svg Mandurah All stations Mandurah
K Rockingham

Bus routes[edit]

Stands 1-6[edit]

Route Number Destination / Description
[23625] Stand 1
    525 to Hammond Park via Baningan Avenue and Macquarie Boulevard
[23626] Stand 2
    526 to Hammond Park via Wentworth Avenue and Barfield Road
[23627] Stand 3
    518 to Murdoch Station via Piara Waters, Harrisdale and Wright Road
    527 to Wandi via Atwell and Aubin Grove
[23628] Stand 4
    530 to Fremantle Station via Yangebup Road
    531 to Fremantle Station via The Grange and Marvell Avenue
[23629] Stand 5
    533 to Fremantle Station via Yangebup
[23630] Stand 6 - Set down only
    909 Rail Replacement Service to Mandurah
    689 to Crown Perth, Burswood

Stands 7-12[edit]

Route Number Destination / Description
[23631] Stand 7
    School Specials
[23632] Stand 8
    527 to Cockburn Gateway Shopping City
    515 to Murdoch Station via Leeming and Leeming Senior High School (school days only)
[23633] Stand 9
    514 to Murdoch Station via Bibra Drive
[23634] Stand 10
    520 to Fremantle Station via Adventure World
[23635] Stand 11
[23636] Stand 12 - Set down only
    909 Rail Replacement Service to Perth

It was proposed that a bus route linking Cockburn Central with Armadale on the Armadale line, which could possibly shave up to 45 minutes off current travelling times between the two stations.[1] In August a three-month trial of the bus route 529 was announced linking the two stations commencing 17 October 2010 Link.

Face of the Community[edit]

There are two images (as seen below), representing the faces of the community. This is a literal merge of many of The City of Cockburn's faces and visually depicts the average female and male; a white middle aged woman and young boy respectively. Clearly representing the demographic of it's constituents and prominently displayed on the top of the station. They are clearly visible from the Kwinana Freeway.


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