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Dumpas people
Orang Dumpas
Total population
approx. 1,078 (2000)
Regions with significant populations
Dumpas, Tambanuo, Sabah Malay, Malay
Related ethnic groups

The Dumpas are an indigenous ethnic group residing in Sabah, eastern Malaysia on the island of Borneo. They reside in the kampung Rancangan Nangoh village and Perancangan village in Labuk-Sugut District of Kudat Division. Their population was estimated at 1,078 in the year 2000. Their language (ISO 639-3 dmv) belongs to the Paitanic branch of the Austronesian language family. The language dying out as a result of intermarriage with other groups, and since native speakers also use Tambanuo in their daily conversation.