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Fetish culture is the lifestyle and arts relating to and influenced by the interest in sexual fetishism and paraphilias. This includes fetish magazines, and a particular style of fashion, photography, art and modelling. Also within fetish culture is a nightclub scene that is served by fetish clubs.

The first feature film shown around the world at film festivals and in cinemas that was principally set in the fetish lifestyle and subculture was the 1997 UK production Preaching to the Perverted, written and directed by Stuart Urban and starring Guinevere Turner. Filmed in a cartoon, high camp style, the film was also a political satire inspired by actual prosecutions of fetish clubs and BDSM lifestyle practitioners such as Operation Spanner. It encountered censorship problems in the UK and USA and was the last film banned in Ireland in the twentieth century. Originally it was developed by the BBC, who deemed the script "unbroadcastable" and withdrew. Within just a few years, it was actually screened several times on the BBC.

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