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For other uses of "Fields of Gold", see Fields of Gold (disambiguation).
"Fields of Gold...."
Single by Sting
from the album Ten Summoner's Tales
Released March 1993
Format Compact disc
Genre Soft rock, adult contemporary
Length 3:42 (Album Version)
Label A&M
Writer(s) Sting
Producer(s) Sting & Hugh Padgham
Sting singles chronology
"Seven Days
"Fields of Gold"
"Shape of My Heart"

"Fields of Gold" is a 1993 song by Sting from his album Ten Summoner's Tales. "Fields of Gold" and all the other album tracks were recorded at Lake House, Wiltshire, mixed at The Townhouse Studio, London, England and mastered at Masterdisk, New York City. The harmonica solo is played by Brendan Power, and the Northumbrian smallpipes are played by Kathryn Tickell. The music video was directed by Kevin Godley. The cover of the album was photographed at Wardour Old Castle in Wiltshire, as was the cover for the album Ten Summoner's Tales.

"Fields of Gold" was the second single released from the album after "If I Ever Lose My Faith in You". The single reached No. 16 on the UK Singles Chart and No. 23 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 2 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart. It was a hit in Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland and many other countries.

The song was included in Sting's first compilations album issued by Sting under the title Fields of Gold: The Best of Sting 1984–1994 and released in 1994 and in a later compilation The Very Best of Sting & The Police in 1997. It was also re-recorded by Sting in 2006 as a bonus track for his classical album Songs from the Labyrinth, whereby the song was accompanied entirely by a lute. The studio version is widely regarded as Sting's signature song, along with "Fragile".


  • UK 4 Track CD Single[1]
  1. "Fields of Gold"
  2. "King of Pain" – Live
  3. "Fragile" – Live
  4. "Purple Haze" – Live
  • Rare UK Limited Edition 4 Track Gatefold CD Single[1]
  1. "Fields of Gold"
  2. "Message in a Bottle" – Live
  3. "Fortress Around Your Heart" – Live
  4. "Roxanne" – Live

Uses in media[edit]

The song was used in an episode of the American version of the TV show The Office. It is played at Phyllis and Bob Vance's wedding. Kevin sings and plays the song with his band.

The classical version was featured in an episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, where Sting made a guest appearance as himself.

The song is also featured during the high school dance scene in the 2011 film Detention.

Cover versions[edit]

The song has been covered many times. Here is a selective list (if possible in chronological order):

Live covers[edit]

On compilations[edit]



Language versions[edit]

  • "Kultaniityt" in Finnish: Recorded by the Finnish artist Tapani Kansa (1994).[5]
  • "Terre d'oru" in Corsican: Sting recorded a bilingual English/Corsican version with the Corsican singing group I Muvrini. The track appears on I Muvrini's album A strada (2000).[6]
  • "Aks av gull" in Norwegian: Kjell Inge Torgersen. The track appears on a 2006 album by the same name.[7]
  • "Campi d’Oro" in Italian: Giorgia Fumanti recorded an Italian version (her native language is Italian) on her album From My Heart (2007)
  • "Champs dorés" in French: Giorgia Fumanti also recorded a French version on her album From My Heart (2007)
  • "Felder voller Gold" in Bavarian German: Recorded by Schmidbauer & Kälberer (2011)
  • "Kuldne põld" in Estonian: Recorded by the Estonian artist Maarja-Liis Ilus (2012)[8]
  • "Y Caeau Aur" in Welsh. Sung by Bronwen Lewis on the UK television program The Voice (2013).[9]


Year Single Peak chart positions Album
1993 "Fields of Gold" 23 2 24 12 16 52 22 44 25 Ten Summoner's Tales


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