Filipinos in China

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Filipinos in China
"Fēilǜbīnrén zài Zhōngguó"
Total population
Mainland China: 12,254
Hong Kong: 140,000
Regions with significant populations
Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Xiamen
English, Tagalog, other languages of the Philippines, Chinese
Roman Catholicism
Related ethnic groups
Overseas Filipinos

There is a significant number of Filipinos in China consisting of migrants and expatriates from the Philippines to the People's Republic of China.


Most of the Filipinos who came to China work in various fields and professions such as musicians, household service employees, hotel and restaurant managers, doctors, engineers, teachers, manufacturing and property investors, media, multinational corporations, and architects among others.[1]

Many domestic workers from the Philippines have been coming to China to work. Figures from the Philippines government in 2009 shows that mainland China has become the top destination for Filipino maids seeking work overseas as Chinese families are willing to employ them for better household services and for their fluency in the English language.[2]


Hong Kong[edit]

There are around 140,000 Filipinos in Hong Kong, a lot of whom work as foreign domestic helpers.[3] Although Filipino domestic workers vastly outnumber other Filipinos in other professions, there are a notable number of Filipino professionals in Hong Kong. Some are architects and civil engineers, working on some of the more prominent buildings and construction projects in Hong Kong. Some are information technology professionals, and some are in professional services (accounting, law, finance) too.

Mainland China[edit]

Based on records from the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs, there were about 12,254 overseas Filipinos in mainland China. Most of them live in cities such as Beijing (2,492), Chongqing (164), Guangzhou (4,564), Shanghai (4,264) and Xiamen (7,707).[1]

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