First Hughes Ministry

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The First Hughes Ministry was the twelfth Australian Commonwealth ministry, and ran from 27 October 1915 to 14 November 1916.[1]

Australian Labor Party

  • Rt Hon Billy Hughes, KC MP: Prime Minister, Attorney-General. Minister for Trade and Customs (from 14 September 1916)
  • Senator Hon George Pearce: Minister for Defence
  • Hon Frank Tudor, MP: Minister for Trade and Customs (to 14 September 1916)
  • Hon Hugh Mahon, MP: Minister for External Affairs
  • Hon Jens Jensen, MP: Minister for the Navy
  • Hon William Higgs: Treasurer (to 27 October 1916)
  • Hon King O'Malley, MP: Minister for Home Affairs
  • Hon William Webster, MP: Postmaster-General
  • Senator Hon Albert Gardiner: Vice-President of the Executive Council (to 27 October 1916)
  • Senator Hon Edward Russell: Assistant Minister (to 27 October 1916)


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