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Florida Basketball Association (FBA)
Sport Basketball
Founded January 11, 2012
No. of teams 5
Country USA
Continent FIBA Americas (Americas)
Official website www.theFBA.com

The Florida Basketball Association (FBA) is a professional men's basketball minor league in the United States that began play in May 2012 with former NBA player Greg Kite serving as commissioner.[1] The Tampa Bay Rebels won the inaugural championship in 2012 over the Heartland Prowl 131-106. In a rematch of the 2012 Championship, the Heartland Prowl defeated the Tampa Bay Rebels 111-109 to be crowned champions in 2013. The expansion franchise Miami Midnites defeated the Tampa Bay Rebels 98-82 to claim the 2014 FBA Championship.


In January 2012, the Florida Flight and Palm Beach Titans left the Continental Basketball League, [1] joining with the Tampa Bay Rebels to start the league. The Miami Stars were initially going to be the fourth franchise, but were replaced prior to the launch of the FBA by the Heartland Prowl, a former team in the CBL.



Season Champion
2012 Heartland Prowl[2]
2013 Tampa Bay Rebels[2]
2014 Maimi Midnites[2]


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