Hilir Perak

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Hilir Perak
District of Malaysia
Country  Malaysia
State Flag of Perak.svg Perak Darul Ridzuan
Seat Teluk Intan
 • District officer Encik Ahmad Zainudin bin Yeop Shamsudin
 • Total 1,752 km2 (676 sq mi)
Population (2010)[1]
 • Total 232,800
 • Density 130/km2 (340/sq mi)

Hilir Perak (literally meaning Lower Perak in English, 下霹雳县 in Chinese) is an administrative district of Perak, Malaysia. The district is governed by Majlis Perbandaran Teluk Intan or Teluk Intan Municipal Council which is based in the town of Teluk Intan. The District council was known as Majlis Daerah Hilir Perak or Hilir Perak District Council until 4 April 2004, when it was upgraded to Municipality status. Teluk Intan town is the district's principal urban center while smaller towns include Langkap town, Hutan Melintang town, and Bagan Datoh town.

Teluk Intan town is developing as a well-planned administrative town, housing government buildings such as the Municipal Council Office and others. The town also has few shopping malls and a modern cinema.

Langkap town housing a Depoh Imigresen Langkap, a contemporary jail for illegal immigration around Perak state.

Hutan Melintang town is a developed place and it has a 2-storey supermarket located in this town. Jenderata, an estate owned by the United Plantations Berhad, is also located nearby.


Hilir Perak is a relatively flat plain compared to Ipoh, the state's capital. With the Perak River flowing through the district, it is a fertile area suitable for agricultural activities.


The population in Hilir Perak is estimated to be around 230,000. The biggest town in Hilir Perak is Teluk Intan. Other important townships in Hilir Perak include Langkap, Bagan Datoh, and Hutan Melintang.


There are a lot of schools that located in this district. The famous daily school are SMK Seri Perak, SMK Horley Methodist, SMK Convent, SMK Sultan Abdul Aziz and SMK St. Anthony. For boarding school, there are two boarding schools in this district : Sekolah Menengah Sains Teluk Intan and Sekolah Menengah Sains Bagan Datoh and one technical school, Sekolah Menengah Teknik Teluk Intan.

There are 2 public university branch campuses located in this district. The campuses are UiTM Teluk Intan Campus[1] of Faculty of Medicine completed in October 2010 and UKM Teluk Intan Campus of Faculty of Medicine (currently under construction) . Both are located beside Hospital Teluk Intan.

Kolej Komuniti Teluk Intan are located in Teluk Intan town. There was a proposal for construction a new campus of UiTM in Bagan Datoh.

Economic activities[edit]

Agriculture and fishing are two main economic activities in Hilir Perak. Almost two third of Hilir Perak's agricultural land is planted with oil palms, while the one third goes to vegetables, paddy, coconuts etc. The biggest fishing town in Hilir Perak is Hutan Melintang, which has about 400 fishing ships of various sizes. Hutan Melintang fishermen sell their catches throughout the country. The vibrant agriculture and fishing industry in Hilir Perak had attracted many foreign workers into Hilir Perak. The fishing industry employs more Thais while Indonesians are largely employed in the agricultural sector.

There is also a light industrial area in Teluk Intan and Langkap which provides many work opportunities to the locals.


There are some major shopping centers in Hilir Perak district. They include:

  • Rapid Mall - Giant Hypermarket
  • Kompleks Aik Aik
  • Kompleks Menara Condong
  • Medan Intan - Billion Shopping Centre
  • The Store Jalan Ah Cheong
  • TF Value Mart
  • Billion Shopping Centre Hutan Melintang


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