Hyejong of Goryeo

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Hyejong of Goryeo
Hangul 혜종
Hanja 恵宗
Revised Romanization Hyejong
McCune–Reischauer Hyejong

Hyejong of Goryeo (912 – 23 October 945) 惠宗  (r. 943–945) was the second monarch of the Goryeo dynasty of Korea. He was preceded by King Taejo and succeeded by Jeongjong I of Goryeo.

Monarchs of Korea
  1. Taejo 918–943
  2. Hyejong 943–945
  3. Jeongjong 945–949
  4. Gwangjong 949–975
  5. Gyeongjong 975–981
  6. Seongjong 981–997
  7. Mokjong 997–1009
  8. Hyeonjong 1009–1031
  9. Deokjong 1031–1034
  10. Jeongjong II 1034–1046
  11. Munjong 1046–1083
  12. Sunjong 1083
  13. Seonjong 1083–1094
  14. Heonjong 1094–1095
  15. Sukjong 1095–1105
  16. Yejong 1105–1122
  17. Injong 1122–1146
  18. Uijong 1146–1170
  19. Myeongjong 1170–1197
  20. Sinjong 1197–1204
  21. Huijong 1204–1211
  22. Gangjong 1211–1213
  23. Gojong 1213–1259
  24. Wonjong 1259–1274
  25. Chungnyeol 1274–1308
  26. Chungseon 1308–1313
  27. Chungsuk 1313–1330
  28. Chunghye 1330–1332
  29. Chungmok 1344–1348
  30. Chungjeong 1348–1351
  31. Gongmin 1351–1374
  32. U 1374–1388
  33. Chang 1388–1389
  34. Gongyang 1389–1392

Early life[edit]

Hyejong was born to King Taejo and his second wife, Queen Janghwa, whom he married while serving in Na-Ju as a general of Later Goguryeo under Gung Ye. Hyejong lacked strong political support as his mother’s family was politically insignificant and had little power. In 921, Hyejong was proclaimed Crown Prince and Royal Successor with support from General Bak Sul-Hui. Almost immediately after being named Crown Prince, Hyejong followed his father Taejo into battle against Later Baekje and played a major role in numerous victories. In 943, Hyejong rose to the throne upon his father’s death.


Hyejong’s reign was marked with conspiracy and power struggles among Taejo’s sons. The first of these conspiracies was led by Princes Wang Yo and Wang So, sons of Taejo and his third consort, Queen Sinmyeongsunseong of the Chungju Yu clan, which possessed considerable political influence. Upon realizing the conspiracy by the two princes, Wang Gyu warned Hyejong of the conspiracy, but plotted to put his grandson on the throne when Hyejong did nothing to stop the conspiracy of the two princes.


Under a lot of stress, Hyejong died in 945, during the second year of his reign. Hyejong's death was said to have been caused by disease, but many historians have come to the conclusion that he may have died at the hands of his half-brothers So and Yo due to the fact that Prince Yo rose to the throne through election by the scholar-officials and not through Hyejong's will.


  • Father: King Taejo
  • Mother: Queen Janghhwa
  • Consorts:
  1. Queen Euihwa
  2. Lady Later Gwangjuwon
  3. Lady Chengjuwon
  4. Court Lady Lee Ae-Joo
  • Children:
  1. Prince Heunghwa
  2. Lady Gyeonghwaone
  3. Princess Jeongheon
  4. Crown Prince Je
  5. Lady Myeonghye
Hyejong of Goryeo
Born: 912 Died: 945
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Goryeo
Succeeded by