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"Tick-Tock" is a model adopted by chip manufacturer Intel Corporation from 2007 to follow every microarchitectural change with a die shrink of the process technology. Every "tick" represents a shrinking of the process technology of the previous microarchitecture (sometimes introducing new instructions, as with Broadwell, released in late 2014) and every "tock" designates a new microarchitecture.[1] Every year to 18 months, there is expected to be one tick or tock. [2]


Architectural change Fabrication process Micro​architecture Codenames Release date Processors
8P/4P Server 4P/2P Server/WS Enthusiast/​WS Desktop Mobile Marketing names
Tick 65 nm P6, NetBurst Presler, Cedar Mill, Yonah 2006-01-05 Presler Cedar Mill Yonah
Tock Core Merom[3] 2006-07-27[4] Tigerton Woodcrest
Kentsfield Conroe Merom
Tick 45 nm Penryn 2007-11-11[5] Dunnington Harpertown Yorkfield Wolfdale Penryn
Tock Nehalem Nehalem 2008-11-17[6] Beckton Gainestown Bloomfield Lynnfield Clarksfield
Tick 32 nm Westmere 2010-01-04[7][8] Westmere-EX Westmere-EP Gulftown Clarkdale Arrandale
Tock Sandy Bridge Sandy Bridge 2011-01-09[9] (Skipped)[10] Sandy Bridge-EP Sandy Bridge-E Sandy Bridge Sandy Bridge-M 2nd Generation Intel Core
Tick 22 nm[11] Ivy Bridge 2012-04-29 Ivy Bridge-EX[12] Ivy Bridge-EP[12] Ivy Bridge-E[13] Ivy Bridge Ivy Bridge-M 3rd Generation Intel Core
Tock Haswell Haswell 2013-06-02 Haswell-EX Haswell-EP Haswell-E Haswell-DT[14]
  • Haswell-MB (notebooks)
  • Haswell-LP (ultrabooks)[14]
4th Generation Intel Core
Tick 14 nm[11] Broadwell[15] 2014-09-05 5th Generation Intel Core
Tock Skylake[15] Skylake[15] 2015 6th Generation Intel Core
Tick 10 nm[16] Cannonlake 2017[17]
Tock  ?
Tick 7 nm[16]  ?
Tock  ?
Tick 5 nm[16]  ?
Tock  ?

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