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Isabel Bruce
Queen consort of Norway
Reign 1293–1299
Spouse Eric II of Norway
Issue Ingeborg Eriksdottir of Norway
House House of Bruce
Father Robert Bruce
Mother Marjorie, Countess of Carrick
Born 1272
Carrick, Scotland
Died 1358
Bergen, Norway

Isabel Bruce (Isabella de Brus or Isobail a Brus, or Isabella Robertsdotter Brus) (c. 1272 Carrick, Scotland – 1358, Bergen, Norway) was a Queen consort of Norway, married to King Eric II.


Isabel's parents were Robert Bruce and Marjorie, Countess of Carrick. Her brothers included King Robert I of Scotland, and Edward Bruce who briefly was High King of Ireland. She travelled to Norway with her father and was married to King Eric in Bergen in 1293.

Isabel was king Erik's second wife, and indeed his second Scottish one. She was widowed, at age 24, at his death in 1299. Isabel never remarried, despite surviving her husband by 59 years. Their marriage did not produce a male heir, though it did produce a daughter, Ingeborg Eriksdottir of Norway, who, having firstly been engaged to Jon II, Earl of Orkney, married Valdemar Magnusson of Sweden, Duke of Finland, in 1312. Isabel herself arranged for her daughter's marriages.

She did not return to Scotland, but lived in Bergen in Norway the rest of her life. As a queen consort, there is little information of her life, but her life as a queen dowager is more documented. Isabel did the most out of her position as queen dowager, participated in many official events and ceremonies and did not lack influence. She was present at the inauguration of the new Bishop of Bergen with the royal couple in 1305. She had a good relationship with the clerical powers in Bergen, made donations and received properties from the church: in 1324, she received several houses from the church. It has been suggested, that she participated as a mediator in the conflicts between Orkney, Shetland and Scotland in 1312. In 1339, the king pardoned a prisoner at her request. She exchanged letters with her sister Christina in Scotland and sent soldiers there. In 1357, she was one of the heirs of her daughter, the duchess of Öland.



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Preceded by
Margaret of Scotland
Queen Consort of Norway
Succeeded by
Eufemia of Rügen