Jameh Mosque of Nain

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Jāmeh Mosque of Nā'īn
Masjed jame naeen posht.jpg
مسجد جامع نایین
Basic information
Location Iran Nā'īn, Iran
Geographic coordinates 31°54′5″N 54°22′7″E / 31.90139°N 54.36861°E / 31.90139; 54.36861Coordinates: 31°54′5″N 54°22′7″E / 31.90139°N 54.36861°E / 31.90139; 54.36861
Affiliation Shia Islam
Province Isfahān Province
Municipality Nā'īn County
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Completed 9th century
This article is about Jameh Mosque of Nain; for similar uses, see Jameh Mosque (disambiguation).

The Jāmeh Mosque of Nā'īn (Persian: مسجد جامع نایین‎ – Masjid-e-Jāmeh Nā'īn) is the grand, congregational mosque (Jāmeh) of Nā'īn city, within Isfahān Province of Iran. Although the mosque is one of the oldest in Iran, it is still in use and is protected by Iran's Cultural Heritage Organization.


The mosque is one of the oldest in Iran, dating back to the 9th century. The interiors however are Seljuki in brick craftsmenship, and therefore allude to the 11th century.

Like the Tarikhaneh of Damghan and the Jameh Mosque of Isfahan, this mosque is "Khorasani" in its architectural style (sabk).

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