Kevin & Perry Go Large

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Kevin & Perry Go Large
Directed by Ed Bye
Produced by Peter Bennet-Jones
Harry Enfield
Jolyon Symonds
Barnaby Thompson
Written by David Cummings
Harry Enfield
Starring Harry Enfield
Kathy Burke
Rhys Ifans
Music by Cecily Fay
Philip Pope
Cinematography Alan Almond
Edited by Mark Wybourn
Distributed by Icon Film Distribution
Release dates
21 April 2000 (UK)
Running time
82 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Box office £10,099,770

Kevin & Perry Go Large is a 2000 British teen comedy film based on the Harry Enfield sketch Kevin the Teenager. The film was written by Dave Cummings and Harry Enfield and directed by Ed Bye. Enfield, Kathy Burke and Louisa Rix all return to their roles after previously appearing in Harry Enfield's Television Programme, and later Harry Enfield and Chums. James Fleet replaced Stephen Moore as Kevin's father.


The film begins at the beheading of Anne Boleyn. Just as Anne lays her head in the block, and the executioner raises the axe, she tries to persuade him to let her live. The executioner is then revealed to be Kevin (Enfield), who agrees to let her live. To show her thanks, Anne begins oral sex with Kevin. This is then shown to be a daydream, as Kevin is doing his homework about Boleyn.

Through writing in his diary, Kevin tells the story of how he has wanted to lose his Virginity for three years. He also speaks about his strong friendship with Perry. The two then go to a newsagent's to buy a pornographic magazine, paying in change. With the arrival of a police officer the boys begin to get nervous, ending up throwing the change at the shop owner, snatching the magazine and making a sharp exit from the shop. Whilst walking down the road, the boys spot Kevin's dad Ray (James Fleet) walking toward them. Kevin throws the magazine to Perry, who then throws it back. As they continue to dispute over who should hold it, the magazine ends up falling onto the pavement in full view. In a bid to cover it, Kevin drops to the floor, telling his dad that he is tired and need to sleep, resulting in Perry dropping to the floor pretending to sleep just to cover the dropped magazine.

Back at Kevin's house, whilst reading the magazine, the boys come up with the idea to go to Ibiza to become DJs and get "guaranteed Sex", but Kevin's parents Ray and Sheila (Louisa Rix) forbid the trip due to Kevin's bad grades on his school report. An argument then takes place between Ray and Kevin, resulting in Kevin storming out of the room threatening to run away. Kevin is then seen sat in a bush daydreaming about what it would be like if he was dead. The Vicar (Kenneth Cranham) reads a statement written by Kevin. In the dream, Sheila cries, saying Kevin's name, which turns out to be Sheila calling Kevin in for his tea, showing that Kevin ran away to the bush at the end of the garden. Once at the table, Ray and Sheila tell the boys they can go to Ibiza, on the premise that they have to get a job to pay for it.

The boys search everywhere for a job, applying at Virgin Megastore but are turned down, due to them confusing the word "punk" with "spunk", and washing a lady's car in return for an egg. On the way home, the boys pass a house party in which they join. Inside, they see everybody flirting kissing and having sex. The boys stand and watch one couple whilst dribbling on the lady's foot. Upstairs, Kevin goes into one of the bedrooms and gets into the bed. Sharon (Amelia Curtis), enters the room hungover from the drinking, strips to her bra and knickers and gets into the bed with Kevin, making him go Erect. Kevin lies in the bed for hours with his erection as Sharon sleeps next to him. Perry then enters the room laughing to see Kevin in bed with a girl. Kevin then tells Perry that he had sex with Sharon 3 times but is overheard by Sharon's mate Stacey.

In another bid to make money, the boys go to the high street and play their mixes to the crowds. Sharon then arrives and confronts Kevin about his accusations that they had sex. Kevin, going red with embarrassment, leaves, followed by Perry as the crowd chants 'virgins'. Walking home, Kevin is asked to sign for the delivery of his dads Credit card. Kevin then takes the card to the bank to steal the money for the flights from his dads bank account. At the bank, they bump into Sharon and Stacey, Sharon calls them virgins before leaving. As they approach the desk the woman working at the window screams as a robber (Frank Harper), pointing a gun at her approaches. He tells Kevin and Perry to sit at a nearby table before throwing a bag at the woman and demanding she fills it with money. Kevin stares at the woman's breasts as she is filling the bag causing him to go erect, his penis activates the banks alarm system by pressing a button hidden underneath the table. With the robber caught by Kevin, the bank manager awards Kevin and Perry with cash.

Back at home, Kevin and Perry are told by Ray and Sheila that they are going to Ibiza, hating the idea at first, the boys then warm to it, realising that they have all of their reward money to spend. The boys then create a new tune, and pack for their holiday.

Once in Ibiza, the boys spot the 'girls of their dreams' Candice (Laura Fraser) and Gemma (Tabitha Wady). They also meet Eye Ball Paul (whose nickname derives from his practice of vodka eyeballing). Once at the Motel, Kevin argues with his dad before going to the beach. Once at the beach, the boys see Candice and Gemma. Zooming into Gemma's breasts with their cameras the boys get erect. They dig and bury their erections in the sand as the girls pass but find they are stuck. To cool down they drag themselves to the sea. Once out of the sea, they sit with Candice and Gemma at a table in the beach bar. Candice then pretends to be on the phone to someone listing different clubs in Ibiza to go for a night out. The boys buy them a drink. The phone then rings and Candice slams the phone to the table. They drink their drinks and quickly leave the table.

That night, the boys walk down the high street filming the events around themselves. Kevin then films a couple snogging which turns out to be Ray and Sheila. The four then go to a restaurant for a meal. Kevin sulks and Perry goes erect from Ray and Sheila flirting, as he fancies Sheila. The flirting results in Kevin leaving the table, followed by Perry, punching his erection to make it go down. The boys then notice "Amnesia," a club Eye Ball Paul is playing at. They enter the club with Paul, who allows the boys to play him some of their mixes. They boys then dance the night away in the club. Outside, Candice and Gemma are refused entry by the doorman (Paul Whitehouse), citing their appearance as a reason.

In the morning, the boys return to the hotel. Once inside they walk in on Ray and Sheila naked on the sofa. The boys enter their room and listen as Ray and Sheila continue to have sex in the room next door, they then go to sleep. Later that day, the boys go to Paul's house, Paul has them paint his bathroom and clean his toilet in exchange for listening to their tapes. Leaving Paul's house, the boys go the beach. Listening to their music with their earphones in, they notice Candice and Gemma. They plan out how they will approach the girls, but speak so loud the whole beach listens in on them. Kevin begins walking toward the girls but Perry stops to urinate, accidentally defecating in the process, this chases Kevin landing in his mouth. The Boys then try other ways of woo-ing the girls, including riding Mopeds after seeing two women laughing on the back of mopeds at the beach. This plan however fails as they crash the mopeds.

That night the boys take Candice and Gemma to the club, after the girls have a makeover. Once in the club dancing, Men throw up on Kevin and Perry after taking drugs. Kevin and Perry go back to the hotel. That night Perry films Ray and Sheila having sex.

The following day, Paul listens to their music as the boys clean his kitchen. He stumbles across the taping of Ray and Sheila and shows it everyone, resulting in Kevin and Perry falling out. Perry goes to the beach and helps a little boy build a sand castle. Kevin goes to the street and sits next to a dog. He sees Candice and Gemma walking past with two blonde boys who they bumped into the club the night the men was sick on the boys. He incorrectly thinks they are dating and runs back to the motel crying. Back on the beach, Perry, just after finishing the castle sees the girls walk past with the boys. He asks them if they are together, but the girls say that they are Gay Lovers. Candice and Gemma then show Perry that they both have feelings for him and Kevin. Perry then begins to back to the motel. Ray and Sheila whilst walking to the motel, sees Kevin crying on the balcony. Knowing that something has happened, they plan to go for a meal just the three. Perry walks past Paul, who hands him their camcorder back, due to them leaving it behind during the argument. He tells Perry that he likes their song, and that he will play it in the club, giving them a lift in his limo. Perry heads back, and tells Kevin the good news regarding Paul and the girls. In the process they also make up. That night, the boys along with The girls go to the club with Paul. Ray and Sheila leaving the restaurant see Kevin and Perry entering the club and decide to go in as well to see what it is like. Inside, Paul plays the boys song, which becomes an instant club favourite. Perry then notices that Paul mixes the music with the recordings on the Camera, resulting in Ray and Sheila's sex being shown on the screen, embarrassing the couple hidden in the crowd. In the end, the boys song becomes a fan favourite much to Paul's dislike. He turns off the song and makes the crowd angry. Paul then argues with them to dance but the driver, Baz, punches him off the stage. Kevin and Perry the take over as DJ's and continue their song, with the club dancing through the night. Ray and Sheila, back at the motel, lie in bed with embarrassment due to the video. Later that night, Kevin and Perry lose their virginity to Candice and Gemma and vice versa. (Although, during the original TV series, Kevin loses his virginity in a different sketch.)

In the Epilogue, the boys are seen signing copies of their record in a music shop, whilst Kevin's parents are seen signing copies of a video they have made about better mid-marriage sex.

Music Production[edit]

Enfield tried to use songs in the film that were top of the dance charts at the time.

DJ Judge Jules created the mix that Kevin and Perry create in the film, "Big Girl", which was subsequently released as a single credited to the Precocious Brats with Kevin And Perry. It was in the top 40 for 4 weeks in 2000, and reached #16 in the UK Singles Charts.

"Straight to Hell" by The Clash features at the beginning of the film when Kevin begins banging his head on the bedroom wall; the camera pans out to view the street, in which the film title appears. All of the cars are Ford Focuses, and all of the people shown outside are wearing red baseball caps and using Flymo lawnmowers.

In the film, Eyeball Paul is a wealthy and very successful DJ, however, actor Rhys Ifans admits he is a terrible DJ, but thanks to "the magic of film" he'll "look pretty sharp out there".


Cast Characters
Harry Enfield Kevin
Kathy Burke Perry
Rhys Ifans Eyeball Paul
James Fleet Dad (Ray)
Louisa Rix Mum (Sheila)
Laura Fraser Candice
Tabitha Wady Gemma
Steve O'Donnell Big Baz
Natasha Little Anne Boleyn
Anna Shillinglaw Bikini Girl
Badi Uzzaman Norma Baxter
Kenneth Cranham Vicar
Sam Parks Police Officer
Frank Harper Robber
Mark Tonderai Music Store Boss
Amelia Curtis Sharon


This article is about songs used in the film. For the film's soundtrack album, see Kevin & Perry Go Large (soundtrack).

This is a list of all the songs used for the soundtrack in the film (taken from the film's credits).

Since being set largely in Ibiza, the film featured are large number of dance and techno tracks and DJ's that were popular at the time

Venues featured in the film[edit]

The Ibiza club Amnesia makes an appearance in the film. However, the front view of the club, as shown in the film, is not the same as the actual Amnesia. The DJ booth that Eyeball Paul uses in the film is not the actual booth of the club, which is sited above the giant "spectrum analyser", seen in the film to the right of the fictitious booth. intu Watford and Charter Place in Watford was also used. Freemans Close in the small village of Stoke Poges in Buckinghamshire was used for the location of the Patterson's house. Ibiza Airport was briefly used; however, the footage of a Virgin Sun Airlines plane taking off was actually filmed at El Altet airport in Alicante.

Kevin and Perry and Kevin's parents' apartment is in Santa Eulària des Riu in Ibiza.

The opening sequence where Kevin dreams of saving Anne Boleyn from execution was filmed at Dover Castle. [1]

Viewing certificate[edit]

Harry Enfield suspected that the "two uses" of the word "fuck" (there were actually three, all by Rhys Ifans) were the cause of the film's BBFC rating being a 15, rather than a targeted 12. He revealed in the film's audio commentary that the 15 rating was given because of a scene where a group of men took drugs.[contradiction] According to BBFC guidelines, scenes of drug-taking often breach the rules of a 12-rated film.

Box office[edit]

Kevin & Perry Go Large was the top-grossing film at the British box office over the Easter weekend of 2000, taking £2 million and ranking as the number one film in the UK.[2] The next week the film was knocked off the top spot by Scream 3, but it regained its number one position the week after, in a week in which box office revenues were down due to warm weather. [3]


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